To Fork Or To Stay Here? What You Need To Understand If You're Sceptical Of Hive


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There is no doubting that CZ of binance is a double agent and after watching binance release millions of steem to Justin Sun other than the rightful owners after seven days of powering down i have no doubt they're in alliance to ruin the community and the blockchain, however to me, the last straw that broke the camel's back came after Justin Sun stripped top dapps that's become the core projects on the steem blockchain of their delegate and believe me had I not seen the post of @blocktrades on the coming of hive I'd have said the community has lost everything to Justin Sun and it's left to us to begin to look for a place other than this place.

Make no mistake, Justin's ultimate goal is moving this place to Tron and inasmuch as centralisation to some people might mean coordination and ultimate marketing to realise steem's potentials Justin will never allow the freedom of numerous projects like we have now especially if it doesn't align with his main aim of making profit. The truth is that Justin wants to make profit without doing it one the terms of the community, the witness and the people. Listen decentralization too has its perks and so does centralisation but actually the community at one time started seeing the advantages of a centralised steem because they felt sun might Indirectly run the show using the witness and allowing the people use the blockchain as they deem quite good but like @nonsowrite will say, it appears Sun isn't bright afterall

Nevertheless, a fork is the only way forward for the community because after a long fought battle, Sun I've noticed that Justin Sun is a master manipulator, a snake whose venom is silence until poked in the tail he's blinded by the 60 million ninja mined Stake that he forgot the only value it has is if steem doesn't lose its value itself. This often Makes me wonder how he acquired all his millions. He relies on cheap publicity from the having dinner parties with established business people and promoting the worthlessness of Tron and it still beats me what marketing can do when you have money to market shit. Steem is the most sophisticated thing Sun will ever face and instead of approaching it with caution, he's bent or making profit immediately and this makes me wonder what he was told by @ned. Steem could have been the goldmine be sought,he was given a wonderful chance at a community but he's failed to see the potential of a real community. The British excel in most African countries by using Indirect rule and they succeeded where the French didn't during the colonial era. Hasn't learnt anything throughout his journey to becoming a millionaire?

To everyone having a double mind as to whether hive will succeed without money, marketing or resources I'd like to tell you that this place is on the cusp of being destroyed by Sun because of his ignorance, greed and nonchalancy. So remaining her is tantamount as loosing everything, while the upcoming chain might not be perfect, it'll learn from the mistakes of Steem and it'll do better. Thing is I'll stop my power down to get the air drop on the upcoming chain and truth is a United community without the jinx of the ninja mined stake, Justin or ned is something to really be happy about. Without a doubt I'm still hopeful and not certain of hive but this place has been marked for demolition and it's only a matter of time. So I'd rather live in hopefulness rather than uncertainty a great thank you to people like @theycallmedan @acidyo, @gtg, @twinner including @blocktrades who's Championing this movement.

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