The Legend of Farmers & how it does and does not relate with communism

The songs of the future must be set with the melody of the past, as they say history may not always repeat but it does rhyme.

In this post, I'm going to tell you three simple things as stated in the title, I'm going to tell you about the Legend of Farmers, I'm going to tell you how that relates with communism, and then I'm going to tell you it does not relate with communism pure and simple.

And folks, I'm going to be completely honest with you right now for maybe a half a second by stating a simple fact, I don't have time to talk about how communism is good and I also don't have time to talk about how communism is bad. I'm just being completely honest. On top of that, I don't even have time right now to get into the different types of communism and how they can be good and bad.

Which reminds me, I'm also not going to get into capitalism and how different types of capitalism is good and bad. And folks, that's the crazy things about words, they can have multiple meanings. For example, when some people talk about capitalism, the definition they use is free market trading. But for others, the terminology they're actually describing would be crony capitalism or cronyism and/or other things.

So, in a nut shell, these are some of the things I'm not really going to dive too deeply into for today. I'm not going into the weeds of communism and capitalism, specifically. With that said, let's dive into the legend of farmers.

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The Legend of Farmers & how it does and does not relate with communism
Oatmeal Daily - 2021-07-26 - Monday | Published in July of 2021

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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The Legend of Farmers

Once upon a time lived Farmer Joe. He grew potatoes. He loved his potatoes. Suddenly, his wife and kids grew out of some of his potatoes. At first, Joe was scared. Later, Joe was angry. But eventually, Joe grew to love his Potato Family. Together, they grew potatoes. They had so many potatoes, they had them coming out of their ears. Unlike the woman who lived in a shoe, one summer, they accidentally grew one potato so big, they ended up turning it into a house, that is how big it was. Take that shoe lady and cat ladies.

As they met with neighbors, they realized other farmers grew potatoes as well. So, they couldn't trade a whole lot with each other. Joe remembers going to the market with bags of potatoes. He approached some families and asked if they wanted potatoes. They would generally say no thank you because they also had potatoes.

Joe's oldest son, Fred, said one time, "But our potatoes are magical. I can prove it, eat me. Yeah. See, I am a potato. So, I know you already have potatoes. But you don't have our potatoes." Fred was a great seller of potatoes. His sale pitch was out of this world as you can see. He could tell stories better than that new guy in Brave New World. So, Fred was selling so many potatoes. But all that ended when a bunch of potato pirates kidnapped Fred and ate him up. That was the end of Fred. He was red with ketchup. Fred went to bed and woke up dead. Fred even had lead. But he was too dead to stick any lead into the heads of the potato pirates. So, that is what I read, Fred is dead. Fred died in a shed with all of his favorite potato things. Well, I'm not sure what kind of things but he did have a Mr. Potato Head figure. Fred was also a big fan of Bill & Ted. Too bad he had no telephone booth for teleporting away. But his story inspired so many people to sell even more potatoes. He became a martyr. A delicious martyr. But what do I know, I'm Oatmeal Joey, I'm made out of oatmeal. You are what you eat.

Trade was sometimes challenging among potato farmers and yet they also found crime to decline among potato farmers. They were less likely to steal potatoes from among each other as they already had potatoes. Now, this was not always the case, every once in a while, you do find people who end up stealing or perhaps they might argue they were only borrowing or whatever.

But some sense of trust was built among the farmers as they were both singing the same song. They were both on the same page. They understood and relate to the toils and pains for farming. They could come together to not only trade but to also hangout in fellowship once every ten years or sometimes annually, sometimes twice or even four times a year, sometimes even monthly or even weekly for trading or for other things too. Their sense of local community grew as they would trade with each other. So, not only were they each other's customers in two-way exchanges, they were also each other's friends.

And when they were not trading, they would sometimes hold potato contests. They would grow, cook, and eat potatoes and sometimes potato related items like french fries and mashed potatoes and hash browns. They would have judges who would taste test and decide which of the potatoes were the yummiest.

Speaking of all the different things you can do with potatoes, sometimes Joe would go to the market and trade several pounds of potatoes for a few bowls of french fries. See, even tho he probably could have made his own french fries with his own potatoes, he decided to exchange a bunch of potatoes for a smaller amount of french fries or other things. It would generally be a good exchange and no money was needed.

Well, actually, to be technical, the potatoes and the french fries were simultaneously acting as both the products, the services, and the money. So, it is not like they didn't use money. Sometimes, potatoes were a form of currency which they could trade with. They would sometimes use potatoes as a form of currency for trading other things.

Sometimes, the potato farmers would run into apple farmers on the road or sometimes at the markets and they would be excited to exchange potatoes for apples. Sometimes, apple farmers would be selling apple pie, apple juice, apple cobbler, apple candy, and sometimes even apple cake.

And some farmers were selling not just potatoes but also apples and even cows. Yeah, I guess AOC and Greta were not able to confiscate the global-warming causing cows from them farmers. But to be clear, climate change is a scam, a hoax.

When you meet at the markets, some farmers would have catalogs because they didn't want to carry all of their products to the market. So, you would go to them and order from the catalog. Oh, and some of them were so high-tech, they even had websites where you could order from and they would hand deliver via Amish Express, that is a horse and buggy or if you pay extra, a zooming chariot.

As business expanded, farmers started hiring truckers to transport products, specifically produce and sometimes livestock and other things too. They would pay the farmers free food, lodging, and gold bars.

Sometimes, they use seeds as a form of currency. Sometimes, they would use water, dirt, salt, vitamins, minerals, precious metals, gold, silver, bronze, steel, rocks, wood, etc, as bargaining chips or forms of money as well.

Potato farmers would not always get the best kind of business among themselves because they already got potatoes. So, they would sometimes come together to sell their potatoes in far away lands. Generally speaking, the climate was very suitable for growing potatoes and other things too. But there were some things which were harder to find. So, they would travel off to find rare items to buy.

Likewise for the aliens, I mean for the foreigners of foreign lands, some of them found the potatoes to be so rare and they were able to trade with each other like nothing else.

This is the Legend of the Farmers, they were able to not only trade with each other but were also able to come together to help each other out when needed and if desired. They were not forced or mandated to help each other out but instead they would want to help each other out at times and often it was most people most of the time. One example can be found in Anne of Green Gables when a house was burning down, many of the fathers and sons of that town came with their buckets of water to put out the fire. They didn't have to pay a bunch of taxes to pay fire fighters to put out the fires because they were their own fire men. And most fire men are men and not women. But if a woman wants to be a fire man, no problem. They said a long time ago to call them firefighters. When I was a kid, they were firemen.

If the citizens of a city chooses to go to the town hall to vote in favor of paying taxes or in volunteering to donate to fund the fire department, then more power to them and only to the extent they wish it. And God help me, I don't even have time to get into the differences and similarities between democracies, republics, big government, limited government, smaller forms of government, the fall of the Roman Empire which Stefan Molyneux did an excellent 4-hour long documentary video on which I watched, and not to mention the aspects of mob rule or other forms of governments and then there is anarchy (no government) and propertarianism and the list goes on and on. I'm not going to get into how some or all of these things can be good and bad, long story believe me.

But simply put, in the name of love, in the name of the meaning to life which involves freewill, and in the name of the value of not only local biological family units but also in the value of local cities, if I can just spend a second to say, it is very important that people have some bit of control over private property, I'm talking land rights, and also in some form of agreed governance over some things which might be owned by the city, groups, and/or different individuals, etc. And it can be better to return global, national, and state level power back to the local levels or jurisdiction, see the 9th and 10th amendments inside the constitution of the United States for more information as it is all about we the people by the people and for the people as opposed to being slaves of a New World Order (NWO).

How does this relate to communism?

This story of farmers relates to certain forms of communism. There may be different types of communism both good and bad. There may even be differences between communism, socialism, Universal Basic Income (UBI), Obama Care, The Robin Hood Stealing From The Rich to Give to the Poor Thing, Bernie Sander philosophy, things Stefan Molyneux talked about, things that Jordan Peterson might have referenced, things relating to what might be or might not be happening in South Africa in 2021 and/or in previous years, and/or the list goes on and on. Communism can be defined differently by different people.

The father of communism is assigned to Karl Marx, aspects of what was the original intent of Marxism, Stalinism, Leninism, Maoism, etc, can be debated but I'm not going to go down too many rabbit trails today. I've mentioned all of these things because then you can go look up some of these things, people, topics, yourself. But I'm not going to dive too deeply into describing all of these related subjects.

Some will even say Jesus believed in communism.

So, we can find differences between things when scrutinized and analyzed specifically, thoroughly, completely, technically speaking.

But at the same time, from a generic perspective, farmers live in communism in the sense that they are equal. Specifically, potato farmers can have and might have many similarities with other potato farmers, perhaps a form of equality or they may have equal opportunity at growing potatoes if they have the same amount of land and potato plants and compost and weather and workers and skill level and everything.

Well, I might be complicating things. But to be vague, potato farmers can have a lot in common with other potato farmers. Also, if communism means sharing, as we know sharing is caring as Winnie The Pooh who is Not the king of China would say, then farmers might be communists in that sense. But like I said, communism is good and bad. Communism has many different meanings. But generally, communism is not a word I would want to use to describe anything that might be good. But that doesn't mean communism cannot be correctly and/or incorrectly defined to describe the desire to save a baby from a burning house. We could define that act of love, that act of kindness, that act of heroism, as communism.

How does this not relate to communism?

First off, many people hide behind the deception of communism and many times what you will find behind the Wizard of Oz curtain of communism will be totalitarianism, authoritarianism, world government, tyranny, fascism, monopolies, ultra-national corporate cartels, control-freaks, globalists, leftists, neo-liberalism, Luciferianism, religions, cults, socialism, Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism, Maoism, Obamaism, UBI, etc.

Alleged good aspects of communism can be pretty hypothetical. To be a little bit technical, actual pure aspects of communism or other things falsely labeled as communism can be found in families, between friends, among groups, clubs, organizations, at school, at work, in local communities as seen in The Legend of Farmers, etc.

A father may buy pizza and give each of his kids one slice each. That might be fair. We might use that as an analogy for describing communism. Each kid may get the same amount of pizza and that might best describe equality and fairness and everything.

But at the same time, when farmers were trading among each other, that was not really communism and more so it was free market capitalism.

Communism is more so a mask we put on the face of a state of rulers who are willing to inject humans with Covid Vaccines which are killing people, put us in a prison planet lockdown in order to prompt a super great depression ten times bigger than the Great Depression of 1929 which continued on through the 1930s. First, they had an economic depression and then they had a second world war. History can repeat and they are trying to get us to go to war with each other all over again.

Palpatine did the same thing in Star Wars, he had the Old Republic go to war with the Separatists in the Clone Wars for three years. Not three days like Jesus who was doing war with death itself. And in the end, at a Linkin Park song goes, it doesn't really matter. Just kidding. It does matter. In the end, Palpatine became the emperor of the first galactic empire, AKA Prison Planet or Prison Galaxy coming to a planet or galaxy near you. Palpatine had the Jedi and the other guys distracted as Palpatine took over. Padme said, "So, this is how democracy dies, with thunderous applause."

So, again, I'm not going to talk too much about capitalism or communism in this article except to say that globalists hijacked both to weaponize them to use against humans.

I wanted to use the story about farmers to help describe how life involves communism and capitalism. And it can be hard to use that term, 'capitalism,' as some people see it as a bad thing. In reality, they're really describing cronyism and will conflate the two. And I can use the word communism to be a good thing and a bad thing in the same way I can use the word gay to mean happy or homosexual. Don't forget that famous YouTube song a bunch of gay guys sung which gets stuck in my head sometimes which I should try to find some other songs to replace it with. The song states that they are coming for the children to make them gay. Likewise, globalists are coming to depopulate humans. Many girls and women are becoming infertile when they take Covid Vaccines.

And again, I'm not trying to be too political, medical, scientific, historic, specific, politically incorrect, conspiracy induced, or even controversial in this rant of mine here.

A major goal of mine in writing this was to personify my vision of the farmers and contrast and compare that with what communism and capitalism is and is not from a wide variety of angles which in turn is both good and bad depending on a long list of factors.

The future of humanity can echo the past, it can echo The Legend of Farmers. Our destiny does not mean we have to bring back bad aspects of the past. We can always learn from the past. We can learn and move on. We don't have to dwell in the past. We can advance using technology, modern medicine, modern farming, etc. We don't have to repeat every single thing from the past. We don't have to do things exactly the same as we did things in the past. We can spice things up, we can mix things up, we can go for the stars. Humanity has so much potential.

But regardless of where fate takes us, regardless of where we end up going these next few decades, it is vital that we put our feet on the foundation of the past meaning eternal principles which withheld the test of time and eternity itself. That must be taught to future generations.

Humans must enact good aspects of communism in coming together as a human race to go after Palpatine meaning we must expose in non-violent ways the globalists and others who are burning down our house. That is what they are doing. Our test is right now, these next few months to the next few years in the 2020s is critical.

They want to force us under a tyrannical version of communism and yet we can freely come together in the name of communism to take down the control freaks who never want lockdown and state-at-home mandates to end.


History is a lot like a movie and in the end, the good guys win, God wins, it is His story or HIStory, and at the same time, auditions for this play is ongoing. So, you are currently auditioning to be cast as either the good guy or the bad guy. Maybe you might get a supporting role or a lead role. It is hard to say.

But in the end, it doesn't even matter because the good guys will win but I cannot promise when. In other words, I don't know if we win this round, these next few years, or if we win say in a thousand years from now. I have no idea if the New World Order wins this time around or not.

But my mentality is like that of a race and I will run as fast as I can to the finish-line. Philippians 3:14 says I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. I will not stop running until globalists murder me, hashtag Oatmeal Joey Arnold, like John McAfee, Podesta, Chris Sign, and others, didn't kill himself.

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