Introduction to hive

Hi everyone

I am much delighted and my heart is full of gratitude to be here for me to be part of Hive Family, in fact, I am so glad to join you all here I honestly want to say thanks to my friend who referred me to this platform and also the sole owner of this great platform for the introduction of this great concept.


Who I am

Am jblink Samuel
c.e.o of jblinks engineering

Why am here

due to the part of the world I come from and the country I live in Africa as my continent and Nigeria as my country it is not easy to be exposed to the world and people we we will not know you not your potentials,skills,gift and Talent so I want to use this medium and this platform to show you all the Talents, skills and potentials that is undiscovered in this other part of the world

Life continues on a daily basis which always makes me to look forward with much belief believe that in this era of blockchain, I am definitely mounting up to the next stage in my pursuits for success. I'm not gonna be left behind and so is my wish to all of you in here.

Coming back to my very self, I'm just captive to humanity always putting peoples myself in people shoes and make excuses for them my greatest weakness is humanity I wish to cater for everybody I can and make provision for the needy and to help them who are less privileged my wish as make people around me to give me a name that I'm proud to Bea they called me altruistic which means the person who put people first before himself it's not my fault that I'm like this and even at times it hurt me to be an altruistic but I can't stop so I'm looking forward to make more money and keep helping others and always making people around me happy back to back without looking back


What I love doing

I'm a technician by profession I have different types of Technics like electrification, plumbing and pipe fittings, painting, and tiling


Due to the low energy of electricity in my country I have take it upon myself to make provision for emergency lighting and that drug me do solar energy which I later upgraded from generator and power holding supply I've been finding it difficult to get as much as many solar system around my community but due to the expensive materials I'm working slow


I also ensure positive view on my pending work. the act of painting, to me is what I love most because adding colour to objects is like giving water to plants


My Community Preference

I see that hive is mother of all creativity and so I will like to join @STEM

I am a crypto enthusiasts and I believe in the possibilities it offers. Meanwhile not getting the necessary knowledge needed for my engagement on the crypto sphere will limit my productivity and that's why I am so passionate about knowing more about cryptocurrency and I hope that my horizon will be expanded by engaging @leofinance community.


So I wouldn't mind my contents being decentralized cause I think I need to get known more so I would duly make the most of the ocd Community and lots more. I look forward to discovering other communities that will interest me more.

Thank you all for welcoming me to your Blockchain.