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April 30, 2022


April would end in a few hours. That was fast! Did you miss something, earn a penny, or look forward to something? It was quite challenging for me though in some aspects as if I rode a never-ending roller coaster. Yet, the 30-Day Challenge was Accepted! I had a lot of challenges but had fun as well because these two should exist, or else, we'll be burnt out too soon physically and mentally.

Of Some Testings And Winnings, there were times when unfavorable things overweighted my sanity that made me feel Demotivated to pursue things. At some point, I became uninterested in things around me, even my passion. As if I was just forcing my body to move because I need to. It's the same feeling as to how I play my Pegaxy, From Excitement To Disappointment to no interest at all.

One Weekend Walk In A Gloomy Sunday, I suddenly stopped walking as I reached the intersection road and thought if I will go left or right. I was undecided about which path to follow as both have consequences that lie ahead. Sometimes, I would ask myself, "am I truly happy with all my decisions in life?" I was Torn Between Two Questions with unclear answers and I wasn't sure if I would trust my decision anymore. I wish I just had a Weekend Walk With The Birthday Celebrant rather than choosing between two paths to pursue as it's giving me a tough time to decide and keeping my mind awake all the time.

I would probably put my life at stake if I would walk by the cliff figuratively on the other path, just like my Near-death Childhood Accidents due to my carelessness. Or probably I'm just overthinking? Maybe I need to Know The Fact Before I Assume. At some point, I felt like I needed a mother beside me, who would guide me through my journey. Because seriously, I felt lost often. But that's another reality to accept for mothers, as Your Children Won't Stay By Your Side Forever. And I won't stay by my mother's side forever.

Oftentimes, I would ask myself, "Why Still Work If You Want Rest?" There are a lot of things to consider before taking any action regarding my life's matters. Because if I only think for myself, I don't need to make things complicated and questions would be easier to answer. But then at the end of the day, unfortunate circumstances don't really matter, and this question matters more. "What Am I Grateful For?"

Despite the challenges my life has thrown at me, there are still things to be grateful for. This life alone is something to be thankful for. The opportunities I acquired as well as this job that is giving me a monthly income to suffice the needs of myself and my family. The earnings I got from this Cryptoverse are a huge blessing as well. The amount may be small, yet big, and enough to visit Benswap Towns' Candy House, Freebies, And Ranches, or play with Pandaland GameFi! Giving us more choices to have fun while earning.

I may have lost some of my investment due to ineffective management and strategies, but I will be Resetting My Crypto Asset Management to mitigate further losses. It is inevitable, I know, but I need to just trust the process.

My life has been so mundane as well this past few months and so I find My Ways Of Escaping The Everyday Monotony Of Life. One of them is Pursuing My Passion For Photography. I am so grateful for the opportunity to travel to different beautiful places in Hong Kong before I go back to my homeland. I love Walking In Amazing Landscapes Of Nature, hiking undulating ridges such as the Dragon's Back Trail Hong Kong, or surfing in Big Wave Bay Beach if not because of Covid restrictions.

Jane the explorer wants to discover new unforeseen paradise and explore more beautiful hidden spots of nature. Discovering The Hidden Paradise Of Cape D' Aguilar was an awesome experience, as well as Exploring Other Beautiful Spots Of the D' Aguilar Peninsula. Meanwhile, my Royal Visit To Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel was so memorable and helped me experience being like a princess even just for a day.

No matter what happens, there will always be a Light Bulb And Morning Sunrise that will help us realize the right things to do and save us from the dark, only if we believe in ourselves. Just like the adage says, "we are the silver lining in every dark cloud we could ever find." After my Sunday Realizations And Regrets, I just acknowledge the situation and accept the fact that challenges will always be part of my life, of everyone else life.

And as I continue my journey, there will be more bumps and turning points where I need to be mindful and rational before taking any decision that might change my future. And to survive in this world, I need to strive harder, cautiously, but happiness should always matter. This is a never-ending journey that I need to withstand until The Last 250 Minutes!

Phew! That was quite tough. Wrapping up again my April articles in creative writing. I hope you like it.

How was your April? Have you been fooled, or did you fool someone?

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