Hello Hivians, excited to be part of the crypto brunch club! 👩‍💻


I am ISI, which is my artist name, or also called Doris Ondella in my real life.

I am 55 years old and i live now again in Frauenkirchen Austria, Burgenland since 4 years.

I grew up in Weyer, Upper Austria, then moved to Steyr a little while. At the age of 20 i moved to Fuerteventura, Canary Islands where i learned how to Windsurf, further i learned how to Speed Windsurf, then i was traveling around doing the World Cup in Speed Windsurf in Spain, France and other countries.
I still do have the Austrian Speed Record for women since 32 years!!!

With around 25 years of age, i moved to Southern France for a few years, where my daughter was born.

With 30 years i moved back to Austria for 10 years.
At 40 i moved to Eleuthera, a little Island in the Bahamas where everything planned went wrong but me and my husband were staying for 10 years and what we did was rescuing a lot of neglected and street dogs, most of them were adopted out into USA and Canada living the good life.

So at 50 i moved to the Dominican Rep. where i lived a little longer than 1 year but living was very hard and harsh. Long story short 4 years ago we moved back to Austria, life is just easier here.

Four out of of the rescue dogs living with us were brought here also, living with us here, one died of old age last year, which was very sad of course.

Since about 2 years i m back into creating Art. I am doing mostly fluid art, in Acrylics and also Resin Art. Soon i will do some postings so you can see my Art pieces which are also for sale as i can not keep them all in storage.


I am excited to be part of the @cryptobrunch club and join the hive blockchain community now, sharing my experiences with you.

Thank you @mammasitta & @manncpt for the introduction support and all the explanations. Thank you @heryanna for the awesome catering. I am looking forward to meet other Hivians like @vikisecrets, @thermoplastic, @reishi, @subversivaktiv, @laurenluftballon, @schmidi, @mikeyounikly and @johannesboldt!

See you soon in Vienna or on this lovely platform, all the best and a good start into the next week! 🤩😘

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