Sharing This Amazing Platform " HIVE " | Hive Meetup September 12, 2021

Hello Hivers!!! This blog is in my Draft section for too long and it should be posted 3 weeks ago. Due to personal reasons, I didn't publish it yet. But I think this kind of event is worth to share and also to know everyone that we are so glad in escalating the good news of this platform.


I'm a newbie in this blockchain who recently join 3 months ago (July 3,2021). Actually, I don't know Hive yet thoroughly. I still educating myself about this platform.

I am hesitant to share it to my friends because I'm afraid that I give wrong information about it. After 3 months on Hive, I realize that, the vision and purpose of the Hive platform don't deserve to keep in your pocket, it should be disseminated to everyone.


First week of September, I open up this platform to my friends,(Royce and Gia). I shared with them what I know and how this platform work out. They are interested about it, especially when I told them that they can earn in this Platform. ( Talking earning money makes your friend interested 🀣🀣 )


To explain more about the Hive, I reached out my mentor @indayclara to clearly discuss this platform to my friends. We agreed to have a meet up so that it would be discussed thoroughly.

When the scheduled date is approaching, some of the Veterans of Hive in our community know that we will have a meet up and they want to join us. They also some invites and newbies that will also join. So we decided to have a Hive Meet up in a bigger place that can cater our invites in this orientation.


It makes me excited, because I know my Friends will learn a lot of knowledge in this amazing people about the Hive platform and even me, I really learned a lot of this meet up, especially in some of the technicalities that I didn't learn in my 3 months in the Hive.

September 12, 2021, we did a Hive Orientation at WORKPLACE CAFE. The Meetup was headed by @indayclara, @glecerioberto,@thegaillery, and the manager @ybanezkim26. The veterans of Hive community in Cebu Philippines.


It's a pleasure to have this genuine people who are passionate in sharing this kind of opportunity to one of us. We don't pay anything to have them in this meetup. So let me thank you for your time and support, we really appreciated it ☺️.


The Agenda started by introducing ourselves. What our interests in life and how we know this platform. Then follow by tackling the basic information of the Hive. Using the Hive Informational Video by @lordbutterfly and shared by @theycallmedan. The video explains the Hive in a simple way that makes viewers catch up its point of view easily.


Photo by @indayclara

Hive Blockchain

Followed by explaining the Hive blockchain. It was discussed by @ybanezkim26, one of the experts in this platform in our Community. He tackled the difference of Hive platform between the other social media platform, we usually used, like Facebook, YouTube and other social media platform. He also discussed some technicalities on Hive and how it works out.


Photo by @indayclara

Content Creation and Reward System



The Content Creation and Reward System were discussed by @glecerioberto and @thegaillery. They delivered it in a simple way so that the invites and newbie can grasp it easily.

PeakD Interface



The interface was presented by @indayclara. She briefly discussed it. She navigates in all sections of peak to guide all the invites about this interface to make them easier once they are on the platform already.


The presentations were done smoothly. I think all the information needed to be shared was delivered. And also the importantant guidelines like Having an Original,Quality Content Creation and how Plagiarism is a mortal sin in this Community. And of course to have fun πŸ˜‰.


That's it Hivers, hoping you have a good time reading my blog about our Hive Meet Up. Thank you for visiting in my little hive room ☺️.

This is @intoy.bugoy! See you in my next Hiventure πŸ˜‰....


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