My Adventure in TCG World P.5

Hello guys, today I want to talk about difficulties and Obstacles that had as I start my new youtube channel about 2 months ago.

I would say the biggest problem was to decide how to start your first video and how you want to build your channel in the future. I try to entertain people and give them a good experience when they watch a video about their hobby.....on another hand, many other YouTubers do the same so I need to be kinda unique in the way that I record my videos.

Next problem was to buy new and good streaming equipment or better to say the decision which equipment I should buy...I decide to buy Logitech Streaming Cam as my webcam and I am really happy with it. My video has a whole new level of quality now and I get much positive feedback about it.

I would like to hear your opinion on what makes you guys keep watching a youtube video and what is the reason that you decide to continue watching?

Today’s picture of the day is my latest pull from my last Youtube Video and the first one with the new Webcam, the legendary „Blue-Eyes White Dragon“ in Ghost Rare Alternativ Art worth over 400$ :) Enjoy!

With regards
Iman Iranmanesh

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