Hiveonboard and #newhiver-mentor newcomers

Hey guys as we all know we have a great communities here on Hive and so many great supporters of the network like a lot of people that support all the newcomers in #introduceyourself and #hive #newhivers by @theycallmedan
I've been trying my best to share my knowledge and everything I know about the platform with all newcomers also created a”FAQ” section on Bulgarian language to make their first steps into the platform as easy as possible.
You can check it here:

Webp.netresizeimage 3.jpg

It’s always hard for new people to use new technology and make adaption so that should help them a lot.

I’ve been trying to focus more on adopting people at young age because as we know if you show that to you mam or pap they gonna be like what? 😒😒🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️??

And I'm sure that by finding easy way of explaining how the technology works the new generation will adopt way more easier here.

Here are a few of my new friends that just joined #hive you can support them on their first posts to show them how great of a community we have here.

@raikovv23 Introduction post

@dimitur10 Introduction post

@kukabuna Introduction post

And here is our selfie all together...
We just cut a little out of @dimitur10


And as for now I hope for them to be able to share with their friends #hive so we can #hiveonboard more people.

As for now we just have some great examples for people that adapted really well to the platform like @velinov86 @lyubo19 @gigiii

And many more to come soon ;)


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