Self-introduction At Hive

Hello friends, all users of the #hive platform. I pray for all my friends who are here, I hope you are always in good health and have good days and always be successful

I just created a Hive account and I'm happy to have the opportunity to be able to join friends here to share experiences, especially I can see the skills and intelligence of friends who have been at Hive for a long time, with good writing/performing skills and so on, A good pilot can be seen for beginners. Also I hope to have many friends who can accept me as a friend in this hive that we love.

Now before I talk more about Hive, I first introduce myself to all my friends


Nama SayaZuridah
Nama Akun Hive@idahhive
HobiMembaca dan Photography

The purpose of introductions is to get to know each other, as the saying goes, If you don't know, you don't love. let's introduce Yourself hehehe………

So I got to know the Hive platform from my husband, his account name is @ajirdeal, who has taught me how to play and everything related to Hive. Finally I'm really interested and I'm going to explore more about this platform.

With regards to hobbies. Apart from reading and photography, I also have handicrafts in sewing skills, this has become my daily job and can also help my husband who has worked hard to meet household needs. but those will be some of the main topics in my post later, also I will show other topics here by studying with all my friends.

Below I will display some of the photography that I have captured when I was on my way to several places. Maybe when you see this photo you won't be isolated anymore, because there are photos of me in some of my husband's posts on the @ajirdeal account

Maybe this is just a brief introduction from me. In the future there will be more beautiful and interesting things or pictures that I will show here. I hope all my friends here will welcome me with sincerity and a sweet smile.

Thank you and Greetings @idahhive From Indonesia

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