Some of the acrylic paints and mediums that I bought

I have mentioned in this post that I will be facing my fears (of acrylic paints, kinda) and ordered acrylic paints and mediums for me to experiment with. And yesterday, they arrived!


The package containing my order!

It was shipped through sea freight since the shipping companies got so strict with liquids so the expected waiting time was 1-2 weeks. Of course I prefer the air freight cos I'm impatient (and excited) lol but since I had no choice, I just had to take care of other businesses while I wait. After 7 days though, it arrived! Didn't expect it would be that fast. :p


All paints were bubble wrapped as a group which made them really secure. I love that there were no spills or anything. Hooray!

The first thing that I opened really was that white paper thing cos it was unfamiliar to me. So yah, it was the gift from the store as a token of appreciation for me!


Gift from the store :3

Token of appreciation? Bruh, why?

Here's the story:

After everything was totaled, I paid the bill and we said our thanks and expected time of arrival and stuff like that to end the conversation (I ordered through DM on Instagram).

They had one product that was out of stock that I really wanted to order so I checked from another store to find it and to also compare the prices. While comparing the prices, I noticed one product from the paints that I ordered was underpriced by the staff. It was supposed to be $15 (the store price) but they had only put $5 to it!

So of course, the total bill lacked $10 and I immediately told them about it because that's the right thing to do lol. It's true that I could have just not told them about it and still they wouldn't notice but I don't want anybody else to pay for it just to cover the cost. $10 is already big here and sometimes it's a day wage for an average worker.

After informing them, I immediately payed the $10 and they said they will include a gift for me as they really appreciate the honesty. :3
They also said any small act of kindness are really appreciated and needed in this world, to which I agree.

So I got that gift. :3

And oh wow, those brushes are really nice!
And it's Borciani Bonazzi. T_T I didn't really expect to receive this gift as I was only expecting like very small product or whatever haha but damn I also really appreciate it so much!

I haven't checked for the price of these in that store but I can guess both of them are worth $10 haha so I appreciate it really!!! I can't wait to try these out. :3


And here are the products!

I ordered mostly Amsterdam standard acrylics cos I really like the colors and how vibrant they are. They are also really hard to find here in the Philippines, so I'm glad I saw this shop. :3

They don't have the Expert series though (the artist grades) so I just bought the standards so I could use them to practice or for some minor paintings. I've ordered professional grades from other shops as well, for my major works, which I am still waiting for them to arrive. ^_^

The ones at the center are Liquitex acrylic mediums. One is a primer and the others are the ones who will change the characteristics of the acrylics.

This will give me more freedom with my paintings and I'm excited to make works with it! :3