My first experience with using the nail tips


Nails that I did a few months back using polygel. See process here

As mentioned in the previous post, I'm gonna try using nail tips this time since polygel takes me a lot of time (cos sculpting and such). I did a lot of research on this one too and there's this one Korean Youtuber named Jounail and she really has some great nails and process. She inspired me to use nail tips cos she does it so effortlessly and the results are always neat.

Once I received my new stuff, I started trying it.

image0 (22).jpg

So, the way they do it usually is use a nail glue but I don't want to put that directly to my nails. I dunno putting glue just doesn't feel right haha but there are other ways to do it. You can stick it using gels.

The one on the left is a clear "builder" gel. I believe its used the same way as a polygel is used, only it's more runny. I don't know if what I bought really is a builder gel cos it says on the site that it is, but when I tried it I think it's more like just a color gel (as the packaging says) but thicker than the normal color gel. Haha. I tried it but it can easily be peeled off (can't hold the tips that long).

On the middle is a base coat gel, the one that separates the nail from any other gels that you use. Basically to protect the nail and at the same time acts as a hodler lol.

On the right is a polygel. I've read in Youtube comments that you can use it to attach the nail tips too but it might not be as strong unless you file the tips to have a rough surface. Haven't tried yet tho.


My first attempt was using the color "builder" gel but like I said it peeled off easily so thought it's not for that purpose haha.

So I did again in a few days and in this photo, I am using base gel.


As you can see, there are bubbles inside which should be avoided next time as this can cause water (or sweat or moisture?) to come in, which might lead to molds and some nasty infection.

The base gel sticks pretty well tho!

And after shaping and coloring it the way I want, here's the result:


This is the neatest that I've made so far!


It looks perfect haha although it isn't. It's been a week and I'm still wearing it now! This took me probably 2 hours which is way better than using polygels (though I might still use polygel in the future, for whatever reason lol).

TLDR: Base gel is probably the best to use to stick the tips!

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