My Application To The Newbies Initiative

Hello everyone,
It’s a pleasure for me to be a member of this initiative and community at large. All thanks to my friend again @starstrings01 for sharing this wonderful initiative with me, he has always been a good guide and support from day one here to my very first post. With the little time have spent here, have learned a lot about Hive a community where you don’t just write a post but where you create genuine and energetic content.

My Thoughts About This Initiative

Kudos to the brains behind this great Initiative, they are encouraging newbies particularly on life in the community. With an initiative like this, I don’t think there is a reason for anyone to give up on how things turn up or how frustrating it is to struggle on writing posts and creative, upvotes and rewards. This initiative is another way of making friends within the hive community.

About me
I am from Nigeria. And my birth date is the 20th of November. I am a very shy person, an Introvert to be precise. I joined the platform in July. I made my entry post some weeks ago though have joined the community since July but have been busy with school until I got the privilege to make my introductory post in August (after my exams).
Presently I have a 49 Hive reputation and a Hive power 16.174HP.

My Purpose

My primary purpose in joining this initiative is to learn more about how to adapt to life in the hive, improve my writing skills and make some new friends. I primarily desire to blog about technology (am an aspiring Mechatronics engineering), movie reviews, motivation, and contents based on how life treating me day by day (what have learned in life and new things life will teach me).
Thanks to the everyone that contributed to organizing this amazing initiative, @projectmamabg for the badge and also to @aliento,and all the brains behind this initiative.

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