Here comes the Treasure Hunter- my Hive intro post

My life has been a cliché for years now. So I decided to make something different for myself. I want to create my own set of amusements to color my l o n g mornings and afternoons. I want to try something that speaks volumes and I’m gonna start with scratching my life into paragraphs. I’m no writer. I don’t have much faith in my writing skill but I believe in the saying ‘’ to find gold you’ve got to dig up a mess’’. So I’ll put my luck on the tip of my pen and will just hope that my pen would find something on a blank page. Or my fingers to create magic while hitting the keyboard. I will just comfort myself with the word beginner,nobody starts off being excellent anyway unless you are a genius maybe.

Gonna start my #introduceyourself blog but before that, I’m giving my thanks and appreciation to the one who helped me through. One of the best bloggers I know. My onboarder, all the best! @nikkabomb.


This is the part where second thought is flaring in my brain.
I’m always afraid I only have my name and address to introduce to you. (Sigh)

By the way, I’m Goldilocks, my nickname’s Gold. I prefer the latter because it sounds valuable. Kidding aside, in person I seldom use Goldilocks in an introduction to avoid further questions, tease, or whatsoever relating me to Goldilocks bakeshop. I also remember how someone called me a liar not until I presented him my ID. Recently I got my first shot of the covid vaccine. The registry personnel asked for my ID but still asked for my name flipping my ID back and forth. I told her Goldilocks and her response was ‘no your name, your name. She thought I work there. It was funny but not with the line behind me. Haha!

This is me.

So, I’m a country bumpkin. I was born in my grandparent's house, located on the mountain somewhere in Mindanao, 18 kilometers away from the nearest town and 1 kilometer from the nearest neighborhood. I spent my childhood there but we moved later to the nearby town. Not sure about the reason though but I think it’s because of transportation. It’s either you ride on horses or you ride on slippers. We moved but I’m still a country bumpkin though.

This is my birthplace.

Born in a big family.I have 2 brothers and 4 sisters.


At the moment, I'm searching for gold. I’m searching for the pieces I lost while I’m traveling on the journey called life.
Not long before, I realized that I’m losing a piece/s of me every day. I often wander in unknown places believing it would help me grow. Well perhaps it’s true, wandering in uncertainty could help us grow but as for me, I think I had miscalculations. Cause instead of growing, I think I left my pieces in every place I’ve been and I ended up becoming an incomplete jigsaw puzzle. Nevertheless, I’m still grateful. I still find myself optimistic while exploring my aspects, as they say happiness is a journey, not a goal.
Right now, I’m concerned with how to live my life best rather than just exist.


Perhaps I’ll be sharing more about my quest and the life lessons I’ll learn along the way.

Looking forward to sharing my story as I hunt for my golden pieces.


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