What's up Wednesday: Meetings and soup

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“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

Albert Einstein

My world changed recently when I resigned from a well-paying and comfortable job in an industry I've worked in for twenty years; it's probably fair to say I changed my thinking and whilst it's seemed a little daunting at moments I've felt good about it. The fact I chose to resign, tender my required four weeks of notice, without having another job to go to made it uncomfortable at times and even still to some degree, but it was change I felt was required and when I get something in my head...Well, I act pretty decisively.

I finish up at the end of the first week of September and with various entitlements and payments probably could not work again until the end of the year although I'd certainly not leave it that long. I've not started looking for work yet but feel somewhat irresponsible not having a job to go to so intend to start looking in the next week or so; I'm still busy wrapping up my current role and I'll not compromise my integrity by doing a poor job at it; I'll leave it in better shape than I found it.

The meetings

A couple nights ago I felt inclined to text message a mate of mine who is a professional reference on my curriculum vitae; I wanted to let him know to expect calls from companies or recruiters. We chatted and he mentioned the availability of a role at his company, a large international company begun in Australia some fifty years ago. My ears pricked up and we decided to meet, which happened today. Breakfast meetings are always fun and when it's a mate I actually want to see they're even better.

I'm not quite ready to talk about the potential job situation just yet although things move apace and there's an opportunity for that situation to develop over the next couple of weeks. My mate was excited at the opportunity to work with me again and I was pleased it was in an industry different from my current job. I'm feeling reasonably good about it.

My second meeting was with the office manager at my current employer, a disgusting little grunty gremlin of a woman who has zero clue what she's doing. I'm at a much higher level than she is and whilst I treat everyone with respect, even disgusting grunty gremlins, it was a pretty awful thirty minutes; she's grunty...And gremliny! I endured though, somehow.

She didn't get much out of me. I'd actually met with the Director I report to a day earlier, had breakfast, and covered off on many things, most of which are above the gremlin's pay-grade. So...Gremlin-meeting done I was off to my next meeting, this time at a pub called The Republic. This meeting was a client; a very good one.

Due to the nature of my work I'll not have the chance to farewell many of my clients although there's a few who have some how or other found out I've resigned in the last week. This one insisted on farewell drinks, even knowing I'd not drink during work time. Farewell drinks was code for, I have a work opportunity for you though and so we caught up and chatted about that. I actually had a beer with him naughtily breaking my no drinking at work rule mainly because I had no other appointments for the day.

Again, things went well although this opportunity is a little farther away which may mean I'll miss it as it's likely I'll be employed elsewhere by then. Still, it was great to have that little confidence-boost of knowing he thought highly enough of me about me to mention the opportunity.

The Soup

After finishing with the client I was super-hungry and whilst the client offered to buy lunch I declined as it didn't seem appropriate to have him do so. I hit the café I go to most days for something instead. I'd planned on a focaccia with some fillings but decided on the soup instead, which they change daily. Today's was a cultural blend of two legit flavours being minestrone soup with chorizo. I know right? Yum!

The girls served the homemade soup with their own homemade bread, toasted, with lashings of butter on the side...Not that margarine rubbish, real butter!

I sat back and slurped up soup and toast...Not really slurped, I have manners y'all.

As I ate I contemplated the day and the opportunities that came from it. I thought myself lucky that people would think so much of me, but then I figured luck didn't really play a part in that, many other things do though. I guess years of effort and consistency pay off.

I've got a few other things on the go all of which seem suitable at this stage, but nothing has firmed up. In a few minutes I have a phone interview with a national company whose recruitment agency reached out on a professional network I am on and that's cool - Good annual remuneration plus commissions and bonuses, phone, laptop, iPad and fully maintained new car. I suppose they'll want some work done after all that huh? I fit the role so I'll hear them out and see what hey have to offer as an all-round package. It's a good opportunity but I don't want to jump at the first thing, I'll be a little choosey; I value my skills.

Anyway, that's what's up on Wednesday y'all...Boring job stuff. It seems changing my thinking is working out though. What about you?

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