Today I shower gunk off my skin


My new edema strategy might be working.

I am still at it with this edema nightmare, but there might be light at the end of the tunnel.

I am still not walking and now it's been about 10 days. I am a bit stir crazy, but I think this will go on until the leaking in my legs is stopped or almost stopped.

I decided to research some exercises I can do that will:

  • help the edema symptoms improve
  • not cause more drainage to come out of my legs
  • strengthen me in general, since I can tell I am becoming very weak.

One day I will be done with the edema, and I do not want to be too weak to carry on at that point.

in one video I watched, the person stated that you need to get the fluid back to your trunk so that it can be urinated out. He said, "The fluid is not going to come out of your legs."

I wish.

But that got me thinking.

Whenever I take the diuretic pill, I end up feeling sticky all over my body. This starts about an hour after I take the pill and goes on for many hours.

So I think this is the local fluid coming out of my skin. This is everywhere and why I am so bloated up.

In the past I have just been rinsing off a bit in the sink. I have expensive gauze bandages on my legs and do not want to change them more than I have to.


I am in SE Asia where the shower is right near the toilet. I decided to try to shower this gunk off of me as soon as I felt it while avoiding my lower legs.


The floodgates opened.

I ended up showering at least 8 times in about 12 hours after taking that one pill. I would shower off and then be all sticky again in less than 2 hours. I also ended up needing to urinate way more often.

Previously, there has been no odor to the fluid coming out. But with this showering idea, the smell of the stuff on my skin was DISGUSTING!

After the first time showering, I was wanting to shower to not be sticky AND to get rid of the smell.

So I'm thinking that what is sticky on my skin has just been sitting there for months under my skin. Inert, rotting fluid, doing me no good.

This shower routine was completely exhausting and why I have not posted in a few days. I have been sleeping and also horribly dehydrated. The first day after this, I woke up with my tongue swollen and lips cracked.

The good news is that my body is less bloated now.

And it is surely more comfortable not to be sticky for hours on end.

Tonight I just took half of the diuretic, and again was all sticky at 2 hours and at 3.5 hours. So it looks like I will be getting rid of more of this fluid. And yes, it smells terrible.

In a couple of days I will try a full pill again and see how it goes. I hope that my theory is correct and that the fluid will leave quicker now.

I hope you have enjoyed this gross story as much as I have. Anything to get this edema in my rear view mirror works for me.

My post is for the "What does today mean for you" contest by @freedomshift for @team-ccc.


Today I feel hopeful that I will soon be in better health. I feel somewhat better now, but have a long way to go.

My photo for this post is of the limes I get here in Kuala Lumpur. They are tiny, inexpensive, plentiful and delicious. I make lime-aid to help with edema, an squeeze them on a lot of what I eat. This is my major Vitamin C source as well.

The more yellow these limes are, the better. Then they are softer and sweeter.

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