Today I am healing and planning to travel soon


Today is a bit of a hard one, sprinkled with hope and optimism.

You can read about how I got injured in my recent post here:

Recovering from my voyage in to Bangkok, and soon to leave.

Today was the day I was supposed to take my computer to be fixed, but there is no way I could make that trip when I can barely get out of bed now.

There is a computer fix-it place near my condo in KL, and I will try there when I get back. I am having to reboot a few times a day to keep this computer going now. At least that works.

I sleep.
I drink (and sometimes eat.)
I reboot.
I do a bit of work.
I take medications and Thank God I have them.
I repair the edema dressings or replace and Thank God I have them.
I sleep.

Edema symptoms are raging and pain is everywhere in my body now. I'm trying all I can to be ready to get on a plane again in two days and plan for a good result.

I had a strong goal to post more on this trip and get myself back into the swing of things on STEEM. This has not happened, but I am here now and so need to give myself some credit. Getting hurt climbing into a bus most most definitely not in my plans before it happened.

Will I do better when I get back home? "Yes!" I tell myself now. No excuses - just post and interact.

My photo for this post is of some mango and sticky rice I had on Bangkok at my friends house one night. I am not much of one for sweets, but this hit the spot.

I used a Canon ELPH160 point and shoot camera for my photo.

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  • BitcoinMalaysia playing card posts; coming soon!

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