Recovering from my voyage in to Bangkok, and soon to leave


I've been in bed for the whole time since I got to Bangkok - Saturday; 48 hours ago. My hotel is wonderful from the very little I have seen of it.

My room is on the third floor walk up in a building 3 blocks from check-in, so once I got here on Saturday, I have not left once. The stairs are steep with no railings. Somehow I will get down when I need to.

I mentioned in my last post that I fell on the airport bus to klia in Kuala Lumpur, but falling is not the right word. I was more like yanked into the stairs of the bus, and have a lot of injuries from that action.

The first step of the bus was higher than my knee height for some reason. I have taken this bus many times and do not remember this from before.

When getting off the bus at the airport,there was a high curb, so the final step was only a couple of inches. This I how I remember it on both sides of the run on all my other trips.

So I asked for help to get in the bus and one worker and one passenger came. They both got a hold of my armpit and hand and then dragged me up into the bus. At a certain point I tipped, and several stairs crashed into my shins and both knees.

My shins are where the fluid is leaking out from edema. What was a bad scene already became instantly worse.

At the same time, the passenger was pilling harder than the worker was, and this action wrenched my whole right side. Every muscle over there is in bad pain; especially my shoulder and hip. And somehow my left knee got twisted enough so that it is hard to walk on it.

In 2 seconds time I became so much worse in so many ways. I have just been cycling through pain pills and sleeping.

The hotel staff has been incredible. They buy me food and juice and bring water to the room. So I am not starving or dehydrated, luckily.

I have been stretching in bed to try to stay mobile for the trip back to kl in 2 days. Several reviews I read about this place spoke of comfortable beds, and I must agree. My bed is the most comfy I have had in years. Even though everything hurts to move, at least I am in a good bed for it.

I am also so grateful I made the decision to stay right near the airport. At least getting her by taxi was very cheap and easy. Praying I get back to my condo with no incidents on Wednesday.

Somehow my phone broke too in all this mess. I can't use it at all. It will not charge, and so no photos for this trip.

The photo you see at the top of this post is of a lot of Thai drinks I get a few years ago while on a liquid diet. I show this photo to the hotel staff and they get me a lot of similar drinks.

And here is another similar shot. I just ask for a few of any of these or any others, and get 3-5 or them each time. I would not be doing as well without these very helpful ladies.

Both shots were taken with my Canon ELPH160 point and shoot camera I had at the time.


As to my computer trouble. As long as I reboot frequently, so far so good.

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