Doctors and nurses at my Kuala Lumpur hospital


Doctors And nurses at my Kuala Lumpur government hospital

Also many of theee doctors travel and hang out together. At night. So sweet.

My breathing is better. Trying to win m e off oxegen. Start me on water and talking.

Not at my best now.

Hi there steem friends.

They have an interesting way of working here at the Kuala Lumpur hospital. They work in teams of two doctors and with a different patent as they work through the rounds each day.

Each doctor supervisas each other and each trains at the sane time. The nurses do they same. Very good for coMrade and good patient skills.

But they have torn. My skin caused bed sores. Not given food and juice ordered by doctors. Not trained in CPAP so l did not get oxygen properly.

Took a big chunk of flesh out of my left arm.

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