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Information still enhances the ocd community !


Hello, friends. And we come back, we promise that the ocd community increases the contest will be back due to an overwhelming response in the first round of the day. To begin this month to increase the number of customers and involvement of the communities under the current incubation program. That would be no success, but we'd have to stop it for a while to direct our energies to other initiatives. This comeback has been brewing for a while. So buckle up and get ready guys!

Ocd has been at the forefront of supporting different niche communities in hive today. Under the public incubation program, the ocd has helped community leaders and moderators to develop certain communities both genetically and also through focused kurasi. That is, as the update process observes, the communities under the program have developed both in number of customers and in involvement in their members. By highlighting large posts from users. So certain communities, they are encouraged to improve the quality of their game or to maintain their quality and process.


To further assist the ocd society. The aim is now to increase subscriptions and workers by coloring a certain community activity for a week. All other communities in the incubation program will continue with existing activities and regular curations. With the help of their community leaders and their moderators at ocd, it will focus more on the podiums that are in the public eye for a week. @s4s @mbp @ocd @ocdb @ecency @sistem @ctime @steem @program

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