My introduction to HIVE Community - I'm Eren

Hello Dear Hive users!

In this post I want to tell you a little about myself, my hobbies and interests, my goals in life and here on Hive. My name is Eren Toplu. I am 38 years old from Zonguldak City in Turkey.


My father is a tailor in my hometown and my mother is a housewife. I have a brother and a sister. I am the oldest of three and here we are in the photos below =) I am the one on the left in both of them.

I am an English teacher and I have been working at a public school in Urfa city which is about 1300 km far away from my hometown for five years.

Although it is too far from my hometown and family, I am so grateful I was appointed to this city for work because I met a wonderful woman there and we got married four months ago ❤️

My hobbies and interests

Football has been one of my favorite sports since my childhood like it is for most of the boys who live in a country where football is the most favorite one. However, basketball became my most favorite sport when I started secondary school and learned how to play.

I can play both of them very well, but I think I am much better at basketball than I am at football. As I like it more and I want my students to learn and play it, too, I usually spend my free classes and time playing basketball with them. I am glad most of my students also love basketball now.

I am also good at playing billiards. It is acutually my most favorite hobby. I can play it for hours without getting tired or bored. It is such a relaxing activity for my mind. I have never experienced any feeling similar to the one I do while playing billiards.

My favorite games in billiards are 3 cushion, eight-ball and nine-ball. I won two championship medals and a third place plaquet in my hometown.

I like watching news, documentaries and science fiction movies and series. I am interested in science, especially in space. My most favorite TV shows are about time travel, space and extra-terresterials. Reading, watching or thinking about those topics usually takes my mind out of this world and I believe being into them improves our imaginition.

I also like playing computer games. Pubg Mobile and Clash of Clans are my favorite mobile games. COC is the one I have been playing for a very long time, that is about 6 years.

My achievements and goals in life

I have accomplished some of my goals so far in my life. Going to college and getting a job were my primary goals until I had them.

I met the most beautiful and wonderful woman of my life and fell in love with her. We got married 4 months ago and I hope we will live happily forever.

Along with being an educative and motivational guide, I also want to be an inspirational teacher to my students. I believe all of the children have great potentials and talents to be successful in life, but probably many of them don't have the chance or the environment to bring them out. That's why I want to be an inspire and give them wings to help them reveal their potentials.

Finally I want to tell you about how I got on HIVE and Ecency. My brother @rsntpl suggested me getting on Hive platform, so I have been on here for a while thanks to him. My wife @motivationrainn is also on here.

I have been trying to learn more about HIVE and Ecency for a while, and finally I decided to give it a start by sharing my introduction post.

I hope I will be able to make good and quality contribution to HIVE by posting about my interests and experiences.

Thank you all for reading 🙂

(All of the images used in this post belong to me)

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