Natural Watermelon & Corona Diary

A Picture & Corona Diary

What do you think colors mean? How effective are colors? What is your favorite colour?
Sometimes looking and seeing are different things. What you see is more important than where you look. This is always the case.

Natural Watermelon
I have always loved natural life, natural fruit and vegetable growing.

Today is April 29, I have been alone at home for a long time because of the Corona Virus. But being alone is not boring because I have severe chronic diseases. In general, I have to deal with these, in the remaining time, I take care of my classes, cook and do my university homework. Of course, I still wear masks and gloves. But other than that, I observe people and it scares me that they act like there is no fatal disease outside. Türkiye'de corona virus vakaların azaldığı bildiriliyor. Reportedly reduced the corona virus cases in Turkey. But Corona Virus is in a very serious situation, so I don't believe what is said.

Are viewpoints actually important?

Viewpoints are crucial for what, how and where you look, and are so effective that they can change everything that appears.
You agree with me, right?
Don't you think so?

And I want to write about the editing tool, these pictures were taken by iPhone 7 and only edited by the Snapseed app. It's free and really easy to use. I edit the pictures on my phone.

Spend the most beautiful days with your loved ones and take care of yourself. My best wishes are always for you.

All photos are mine and you can contact discord @equeqtra

CameraiPhone 7

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