Feeding the Bird Life on a Snowy Day

It started snowing early this morning, so I got my boots on and went outside to take a few photos. Mr and Mrs Swan came marching up to me. Thankfully, I'd got some bird food with me which stopped them in their tracks. You don't argue with swans as they have very sharp teeth.

A lot of people forget to feed the gulls. People concentrate on the cuddly ducks or the elegant swans, but the gulls are hungry too.

The swans got back into the pond but followed me all around for more food. I slipped and ended up on my backside. Thankfully, I had a soft landing in the snow.

There's also a cygnet on the second pond. He arrived last summer. They swap ponds now and again as the other male swan doesn't like sharing the pond or his woman!

My friend usually keeps her dogs on the lead in the park, but the snow makes her lurcher very excitable. He just wants to have a good romp. Nobody was about, so she gave him free rein. After two circuits of the park he'd had enough. I had to wait until he ran into the frame. He was just too quick for me!

After an hour, I headed back home. The roads have got a bit slushy but passable. I'm not going anywhere soon though.

Photos by @ellenripley - Julie S. All rights reserved.