Death-defying dreem tools

Some things in life need a deeper thought. It isn't enough to just live and after a few years cease to exist, it's important that we make an impact and work to achieve it while it's day. For many who still wonder what dreem means; it means turning one's dream into reality. After reading through This Post by dreemsteem, It occurred to me how little time we have to work in achieving these goals we've set for ourselves to accomplish. Life isn't promised, but death is, she had mentioned in her post. Unfortunately, it's true and this brings us to the sad reality that we don't have all the time.

One of my greatest goals in life is to make an impact by helping either the poor, homeless, or needy. Living a luxurious lifestyle had not really been my concern. If I ever wish to achieve this, I'll need these tools Empathy, Finance, and information. To have Empathy I'll need to bring myself to a level where I can exactly feel what the people suffer, and the best time is now. Sometimes we might not understand what it means to be homeless until one puts himself in a state of reasoning that takes away his comfort, or understand what it means to feed once in a day until he feels the weariness and hunger from one meal in a day.

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Gaining the finance and resources may be the hardest part but I remember my grandma once said, we don't need to have enough to help people. So starting with the little I have can go a long way. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, and I believe it's important that one begins and the growth follows after. One can source for funds for a start, from one's saving, family, friends, and maybe sponsors in the future. The important thing is to start.

The last one is information. Information is power, this was our slogan back in school. We need information to know where our target population is, we need information to know how much resources both material and human that would be needed. This information can take any form, but during the monitoring and evaluation of the program, one would get more details on what is needed and deficiencies as data is collected.

I understand how time plays in achieving a goal, but with these tools, one can achieve a lot in a short time when combined.

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