My first article on Blog Hive

And finally I started publishing for the first time on the hive blog, after a few months ago I created a hive account which was helped by a friend.

@nasseir, is the one who introduced me to blockhain hive. From then on I didn't do anything on my blog, because of my limited time to get started.

In the past few days, nasseir and I have had the same table hanging out at a caffee, and he's back to discussing the hive blog in more detail. After hearing several guides about creating hive articles, I finally have the desire to start here.

You may call me D'vian, according to my hive account name listed here. I am an Indonesian citizen, residing on the very tip of the island of Indonesia.

Sumatera, the name for the islands where I live. Is one of the islands known for its forests and nature which are still very well preserved. In fact, Sumatra is dubbed as the lungs of the world, because its forests still supply an abundant supply of fresh air in the current conditions of global warming, Sumatra's forests are one of them which still play an important role in preventing global warming.

And I work as an environmental and forestry activist in several forest areas on this famous island of Sumatra.

As a forestry security guard, of course, you have many responsibilities to protect and preserve the environment and forests. Conducting routine patrols in forest areas is one of the main tasks of a forestry security guard, even though this job carries a high risk, it often runs into poachers in the forest, and even illegal loggers sometimes pose a big threat. Even so, this is a task that must be carried out for the sake of nature and the environment.

Apart from being a profession, traveling and exploring the forest is also one of my hobbies, being in the open and exploring everything in the forest is a special pleasure for me.

In nature we can learn many unique and interesting things, there are always new things when my team and I travel to the forest, the diversity there is never limited, new things and there is always something new for us to learn. And as I said earlier, the island of Sumatra also has millions of species of animals, mammals, insects and millions of unique plant species that we deserve to know about and it is important for us to protect its existence.

Apart from conducting patrols into forest areas, my team and I also have other tasks and many more. Planting trees, caring for and continuing to multiply plants in all parts of the land that must be planted.

In coastal areas, for example, we just planted mangroves along the shoreline a few months ago. Mangroves are a type of tree that plays a very good role if planted on the coast, these trees can prevent abrasion and also become breeding grounds for various types of economical aquatic animals, such as crabs, clams, shrimp and several types of fish.

Every week we always check the growth percentage of this tree, as well as checking several species of aquatic animals that have started to inhabit mangrove roots which have started to spread more widely, and have also begun to see several species of birds nesting in this tree.

I think those are some sides about myself that I can write in this first article. And of course, topics related to nature, the environment and the diversity of forest species as well as new things about the environment and forestry will be my focus in my future article posts. It also does not rule out nature photography, travel and all other forms of outdoor activities.

Making new friends from all over the world is of course the main thing . For that, make me your friend and support me to start here, on the blog hive .

Best regards from me

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