You must publish your content in Hive


Hive is a community that operates on a blockchain and has its own economy through cryptocurrency, which is used to reward publications.


Users at Hive are the owners, filling the platform, creating applications and the environment decentralized, this is what creates the value of our platform, there are no managers and workers - only users, creators, developers and investors. The value and interaction of Hive users is spread across many communities.


Here, we can participate in the creation of content as creators and give ourselves an answer about the value of this platform for ourselves and the communities in which we participate:

Why should you post here on Hive?
Here everything is simple.

  1. The world is changing, we are changing with it
    Many users use and continue to use social networks. The introduction of blockchain technology significantly expands the motivation to use a social network as another way to express yourself in a particular area of ​​interest. This allows you to diversify your worldview, while also receiving a certain reward for it. The main thing is to enjoy using the platform.
    You can share your experience and share it with the community, so use blockchain, Hive have every chance to become a leader among various social networks.
    Hive was created for this purpose, that's why we are working together on the development of our social network.

  2. Experience will come in handy
    What we create is our own experience, which will remain in the blockchain - it is the place that will preserve the integrity of our contributions. By attracting new users, we can significantly expand the network and thus stimulate the further development of communities and the platform itself. Therefore, it is necessary to tell more and share your experience with those who are interested, and with those who also have some experience in social networks, and such is currently becoming more and more. The world of cryptocurrencies is difficult to understand for people who have not even heard of it, so to explain this, there are communities that can help and share their experiences in the world of cryptocurrencies. After all, this is necessary in order to receive rewards for your contribution to the blockchain and in order to reward other users by determining which content will receive a reward and which will not. By motivating the creation of quality content, we can gain more network value and expand our user base.
    With the reward, your content earns in a currency that has value and can be traded in a variety of ways. Those who consistently create content that others find valuable can earn or purchase power (HIVE POWER), the author can also add value to other participants and earn as a reader.

  3. You must publish your content in Hive
    Hive differs from other popular social networks in that it has many interfaces, there are many users, investors and creators. Therefore, experienced creators are valuable to the community and useful for beginners.

Participating in Hive is the best investment in the future. The greater the demand for HIVE through its use, application development and promotion, the higher the price of HIVE as a coin. We can influence its future in different ways ... Hive gives the creators the opportunity to get acquainted with the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, which can be openly learned and rewarded.

Join content creation communities, get your account, get your experience and create your own unique content.

See you at Hive!


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