My First Introduction to Hive :)

Hello Hive community!!

I am Đô Đô from Vietnam. I am a photographer, local guide, nature and pet lover, currently living in a beautiful city of Vietnam, named Danang. I love travelling and taking photos, and so I feel so excited to be a member of this community.
Many thanks to @trangbaby 🙏, she brought me here.

I used to be an engineer working very hard for a Japanese corporation. Then I had to quit my job because of an traffic accident. It was a really hard time for me for a while staying at home and doing nothing. I couldn't move on any kind of vehicles because of a psychology matter for about one year. During that time, I decided to open an English coffee shop and start to host travellers from other countries in order to help local people to learn English.


And thanks to that, I have learned a lot about people, culture, food, history, etc, from many countries, which made the love of travelling, nature, photography in me bigger and bigger. 🙂


Just let me know when you travel to Vietnam. I am more than happy to provide you some information and guide you around.

Here are some photos taken by me.







I can't wait to make more friends on Hive and share my experience and everything.

Much Love from Đô Đô!!!

What a Wonderful World ❤️