Our Journey on Decentralized Internet Platform "Thrive on Hive Blockchain"

Dear Hiver Friends!


My self with @ayijufridar and @my451r in RRI Radio broadcast in Indonesia talking about Decentralized Internet Platform that called Hive Blockchain

This is my story on Decentralized Internet Platform; Hive Blockchain, may be an inspiration on the journey of this extraordinary 1st celebrate on the platform and also my entry for #decentralized-internet platform contest was initiative by @theycallmedan and hope you enjoy our journey story!

In August 2017 became the beginning for me to get to know the Decentralized Internet Platform, a posting from a friend I accidentally opened and saw on his social media wall (FB). There I saw, my friend was sharing a website called 'Steemit' at that time. At that time I tried to find out from the internet about steemit.com, extraordinary funds, I immediately registered that day without a long wait.

At first I was still in the old house [Steemit], but after I officially moved to the new house, I was consistently at Hive Blockchain.

Hive has given new hope, especially when we were hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Hive Blockchain really helped my economy financially based internet income, Might be that You know I had to close my business due to the prolonged pandemic.

Since then I started to power down Steem power and sell all my assets in Steem wallet to the crypto market, I did it as a form of my consistency to continue with the Hive Blockchain community.

Together with a number of friends in Indonesia, I tried to build a Hive community, even though it was difficult at first, because I wanted to be consistent with Hive, which was relatively new at that time. @My451r and I tried to get the attention of some whales on Hive to help the Indonesian community thrive. Thank you @theycallmedan for continuing to support the hive community in Indonesia at that time.


My self and @my451r in distributing donation from Hive Community to flood disaster victims in Aceh tengah, Aceh Province of Indonesia

The result of this effort, there are several agendas that we have initiated with Hive in Indonesia, be it Hive promo Hive or social working for natural disasters in Aceh,Indonesia. For all the activities that we and Hive have initiated in Indonesia, you can open the following posts:

Open Donation for Flood Disaster in Aceh

Donation From Hiver around the world to Disaster in Aceh-Indoesia

Donation from Hivers Distributed

Promo Hive at The RRI Radio Broadcast in Indonesia

At first, I didn't quite understand, if every vote calculated in our voting vote could be used as income. after learning, I finally understood and started creating content on Decentralized Internet Platform.

Beginning on the platform, the struggle to start from a beginner. Without the slightest knowledge about blockchain, but finally I continue to consistently make posts on the platform such I was did at social media such as Facebook, Twitter, also Instagram. But, there were no rewarded your content caused these are the centralized internet platform basic. On Hive Blockchain, I owner of my social media at all, are my content rewarded in my wallet that you do not have it from centralized internet platform.

Furthermore, I continue to join various communities on the Hive blockchain, because this platform seems to be the spearhead of the community, it is not possible if we work alone here. Then I joined many of communities to share of my content, Indonesia had a significant number of Hive Blogger. Almost every day the posting of Indonesian Hive is on the trending topic and their shared it on twitter and so on.

Based on HBD/Hive Coin which is in our wallet of the platform, we have our own income from Decentralized Internet Platform "Hive Blockchain". Since then, I continuoe to stay at the Decentralized Internet Platform "Hive Blockchain" and also now I have join and be a part of Camping Club Hive [Community on Hive Blockchain] to share more my content in my passion of photography, hiking, adventures and also camping. I got the reward here, and I just got the "thump up" at centralized internet platform [Facebook, Twitter, also Instagram], So in my opinion Decentralized Internet Platform such as Hive Blockchain is the future of internet social media for the world.


My self with @ayijufridar and @my451r in RRI Radio broadcast in Indonesia talking about Decentralized Internet Platform that called Hive Blockchain

Until now I am still active on Hive blockchain, even though I was vacuum for the past 3 months ago, I have a culinary business with friends in my city, I am a street vendor, we have an Acehness traditional culinary outlet "Sate Sagobi". I hope someday our costumers can paid our Satay culinary with HBD or Hive Coin.

Now I continue to be active on the Decentralized Internet Platform "Hive Blockchain", I like photography, but I still learning a smartphone camera in capture, for me it doesn't matter, as long as it produces good pictures. I really enjoyed my free time here, on Hive Blockchain as my owm social media and absolutely decentralized internet platform.

Well, that's a bit of our Journey on Decentralized Internet Platform "Hive Blockchain". Thank you to all the Hivers friends who have been continuing to support my works, without all of you it's impossible I would still be here today!.

All pictures were my own documment
Thank you for your attention.
Thrive on Hive

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