The history of music artists: The case of the Brazz Brothers!


The Brazz Brothers is a Norwegian jazz group from Langevaag on the island Sula outside Aalesund. They are also called for Brazz Broz and Brass Brør. The music they are playing is a combination of traditional and modern jazz and folk music from different parts of the world, but most of the music from the band is coming from Scandinavia.

The Brazz Brothers is an entertaining music band, and they are giving pleasure, funny things, humor and warmth to the different people that are listening from time to time. And you find this music band on the different and ordinary music platforms like YouTube, YouTube Music, Deezer and Spotify. They are using different record companies, and these are Epic Records, Lionheart Records, and Odin Records among other things and other companies.

Brazz Brothers was initiated by the brothers Jarle, Jan Magne and Helge Førde, together with the brothers Runar and Stein Erik Tafjord in 1981 as a pure Brass Quintet. ... In 1986 The Brazz Brothers started the recording of their first album, Brazzy Landscapes, the start of a unique music history. And today, they are playing together with Frode Alnes, and this is really an exciting and funny solution for many people being engaged with listening to their music.

During the career, The Brazz Brothers has played more than 5000 concerts, they have been in 34 countries and they have launched over 20 CDs. They have collaborated musically with all from professional symphony orchestras, choirs and corps, international artists, African tribal chiefs to the solution they are having now, playing together with the fantastic Frode Alnes.

They are articularly known for their improvisations, and this means that the band can play in new directions and with innovation in the music, and this is about using creativity to make even better music than ever before.

The Brazz Brohers is playing the genre called for jazz! So, what is really jazz? Jazz is a type of music of black American origin which emerged at the beginning of the 20th century, characterized by improvisation, syncopation, and usually a regular or forceful rhythm. Brass and woodwind instruments and piano are particularly associated with jazz, although guitar and occasionally violin are also used; styles include Dixieland, swing, bebop, and free jazz. Jazz has originated in New Orleans in the United States, and this is why many people mention New Orleans when coming to this specific genre. The Brazz Brothers started in 1981, and they are still going on today. You find their website on the internet address:

Nowadays, the members in the group are: Helge Foerde, Jan Magne Foerde, Jarle Foerde, Kenneth Ekornes, Runar Tafjord and Stein Erik Tafjord. And past members were Egil «Bop» Johansen living from 1945 to 1998 and Marcus Lewin. In 1986 The Brazz Brothers started the recording of their first album, Brazzy Landscapes, the start of a unique music history. The album comprised the band's own compositions and arrangements, with the appearance of the British singer Phil Minton. The music is a unique mixture of traditional and contemporary jazz combined with traditional folk musikk from different parts of the world, with strong representation from the Scandinavian folk tradition. The band has released several albums with great legends and also lesser known but highly talented musicians. They have toured both in Norway and internationally, in the US, Africa, Asia and large parts of Europe, and deliver more than 120 concerts a year. All members also conducted a number of solo projects, and hence the band The Brazz Brothers are known for their music and their moves when playing different places on the planet.

Presenting the most dynamic and versatile – The Brazz Brothers. You can experience The Brazz Brothers songs across all genres and moods like Heart Broken, Soulful, Chill, Happy, Tripping, Romance, Party. The most popular in gives you all the hit songs and music that you love! You can listen to top The Brazz Brothers popular songs like Violence Is Out, Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho, Tres Lindas Cubanas, Solitary Traveller Op 43 No 2, Sidewalk Blues.

Since The Brazz Brothers is from Norway, some of their music is in Norwegian like for instance: «Bruremarsj» and «Aftentur med Rosalina». And some of their songs are in English, and one of the most popular is «African Marketplace». Accordingly, understanding humans and culture shocks are essential things and issues when seeing at people coming from other continents than our own continent.

The Brazz Brothers consist of two groups of brothers on brass instruments – and an imported drummer. Jarle Foerde plays the trumpet and the flügelhorn. So does Jan Magne Foerde. Helge Foerde plays the trombone. Runar Tafjord plays the French horn. Stein Erik Tafjord handles the tuba. Kennth Ekornes is in command of the drums. The Brazz Brothers focuses on meeting the needs to people, understanding people coming from different parts of the world, and for engaging in the language that is common for many people, and that is English!

The Brazz Brothers has given several numbers of albums to the markets, for instance: «Towards the Sea», «Live in Cape Town», «Norwegian Air» and «Sketches of Africa». And there are several addresses on the internet where you can meet this group and their music. The Brazz Brothers is an institution of Norwegian culture life, and different institutions have different visions, ideas and philosophy about how to operate and how to be. The Brazz Brothers are used much in programs on TV, and the sun is always shining on the TV as we know from A-ha!

The Brazz Brothers has received several music awards for their presence, their music, and their use of time together with audience and people coming from the same place or from different places on the maps. The most known honors are Gammleng-prisen from 2007 in the genre jazz, and the first Sildajazz-prisen in 2000. And there can come more prizes in the future, also from other countries than Norway.

And again some music as it was asked to be included! :)

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