The history of music artists: The case of Carpark North!


Carpark North is a Danish electronic rock band. The band was formed in Aarhus i Denmark on 28 July 1999, and this was done of Lau Hoejen, Soeren Balsner and Morten Thorhauge. And Denmark is a lovely country out there, and we love to be there, to run there, to make things with our bicycles, and for doing business and for doing lovely behavior there.

Carpark North is a band, and this band is formed at the ordinary platforms as YouTube, YouTube Music, Deezer and Spotify. And they have many activities and many efforts from Copenhagen in Denmark. And this is the capital, and the city of Copenhagen has a rich history, also with all national and international trade, and when doing things at the sea. And they are known for several songs as «Transparent & Glasslike», «Save Me From Myself» and «Raise Your Head». And Lars Hoejen is playing the guitar, Soeren Balsner is a bass guitarist, and Morten Thorhauge is playing the drums.

The band Carpark North has made several albums, and they are: «Grateful», «Hope», «Phoenix» and «All Things to All People». And the life has varations and many things, and we are hoping for good things to all times, and we know that all lives contain bad and good things, and the better we can have it in lives, and the better quality of lives. Life is hope and being in doubt, and we should always turn negative thoughts and feelings to positive ones.

We also find music videos on the internet, and they are: «Transparent» or seeing quite through all things, «Moments» and different pleasures and pains we have in life, «Human» and that is being a human mind in life. You know human behavior is always about thinking, feeling and with acting something on all things that is possible to find in the human brains, with the content and the structure we are having inside our brains to deliver the best quality that we can imagine to the markets. We should have working tasks in relation to our talents, our knowledges and our creativity and analysis. Life is about making that package you can give, and that is about given all the information we should appreciate and with what we should find appropriate with the solutions that are given. The band has also delivered the solution «Burn It», and the bad things in life can be burned, and we can collect the positive memories and the positive solutions that we are thinking that the life is when living the life as we just do. And we should be critical to publications and question what the different types are, and what are getting us a better and more reflected opinions in life. But publications are publications, and some are just counting behavior, and for making percentages in frequency tables about who does yours or hers. But we should make and present requirements due to competence and to experiences, and we should make the choices in the working life as we just like and value!

The foundation for Carpark North was laid at Mellerup Efterskole, where Søren Balsner and Lau Højen met and formed a band. This band played in the national championship in rock in 1997. Søren and Lau split up after Mellerup, and Lau started his education at high school - Aarhus Katedralskole. Here he joined a band - "Spacekraft" and met Morten Thorhauge a young drummer from Søften. After a couple of months Lau and Morten formed their own band, and contacted Søren.

The first notes by Carpark North were played on a hot summer day in July 1999 in the MGK-facilities in Aarhus, Denmark.

Carpark North has been in the media channels, and we should make quality in relation to what we are represented when being ourselves, and there are many personalities out there with philosophy, sociology and sciences in groups, psychology and being in human minds from time to time, and social psychology, and when being thinking and feeling when being together with other people. And we should always win the competitions of doing sciences and oral and written behavior of what is real!

And again some music as it was asked to be included! :)

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway

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