On revealing the social and the economic dumping; when dropping values, and doing different things with different people and different national economies!


Dumping is about making different values on people and on nations. If we are doing social dumping, we are making different things with people coming from your country and other countries, and we should not give different and lower salaries to foreigners than people coming from your own country. So, social dumping is about giving worse wages and conditions to people, and this implies that we are placing economic values on people, and we should not discriminate any, but we should give salaries in relation to competence and experiences. So, dumping is about making inequalities among people, and this is making frustrations and conflicts among people, and we should give people salaries in relation to what they deserve with the background they have.

Economic dumping is also about making different values on things, for instance giving lower prices on our products abroad than just giving the prices at home. So we overract with higher values in some markets than in others, and the products are the same, and this is also making reactions to many people.

Every day, scientific studies, media reports, and first-hand accounts of the rapidly deteriorating state of the environment hit us with a growing and disconcerting force. Hence, dumping is about making stable prices and stable values sometimes, and making other and reducing prices and values other places. Dumping occurs when a country or company exports a product at a price that is lower in the foreign importing market than the price in the exporter's domestic market. The biggest advantage of dumping is the ability to flood a market with product prices that are often considered unfair. And this lower price can be both on employees and products in domestic markets, and in foreign markets.

Why is dumping a bad thing? Dumping is a form of unfair competition as products are being sold at a price that does not accurately reflects their costs. So, we are offering products to the markets which we do not earn money on! And social dumping means that we are giving lower wages and worser conditions than domestic employees, and therefore we are exploiting the human resources trying to get lower costs in the company in question.

The most widely accepted economic definition of dumping, which was first suggested by the economist Jacob Viner who was responsible for many contributions to international trade theory, is price discrimination between national markets. And the price discrimination can be in different national markets, and in differences between national and foreign markets. So, dumping can be within countries, and it can also be across countries.

We can use dumping in Economics, Finance and in Environments about many things that are conceivable. Economic dumping is the practice of selling goods in another country so cheaply that companies in that country cannot compete fairly, and this means giving different prices to the markets for the same products. In Finance, we are using dumping as the act of selling large amounts of something that you do not want to keep. If someone for instance were to initiate the large-scale dumping of dollars a collapse could begin in the national economy in question. And dumping is used in the Environments, meaning the act of throwing something away in a place that is not suitable or allowed by law, and this is typically social dumping giving wages and conditions with discrimination without foundation between employees.

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