On being updated in the world; Being modern in societies, and having responsiblity for ones own life!


We should be engaged with the values that are present in the society we are from time to time. And these values are having good dialogues, being warm, and being inclusive and positive with what we are doing. We should love the people we are meeting, but we must require that we should be modern in the world.

We should be engaged with believing or not believing in life, and there should be equalities between men and women if they are have competence on the same levels, and that we are qualified to do different things. And if we have the same qualifications, we should be able to get the same posiitions, also power positions. We must love the people we are meeting several places, and we should be focused on getting solutions to the challenges and the problems that we are having.

We must live when we are living, and we are now living in 2021, with both national and international problems and themes being fronted in various in different environments. We have enough power now, and there are many people being dependent on us. And we should take and make the positions we can get at a full-time level. And we should use our capacity and our talents and our knowledges about being represented different places with what we have in our bodies, in our brains, and in our hearts.

We should use the information and the funny things that are relevant in 2021. And many people know what is happening in lives, and we cannot take away the engagements to people, and we should build the environments even stronger, and we should do it together. But leadership and management are really dependent on what we are doing, and not doing, and we should be updated in 2021, and we should try to not make conflicts where we are. But if we are best in schools and at all levels, we should use our competence, and develop ourselves at all levels through the whole life, and we cannot agree with all professors everywhere, but we should be reflected and having good opinions where we are.

The Bible is an extremely good written book, and we should use the statements and the philosophy there of loving the people we are meeting. And the main problem is to live just now, and being updated with information and books about what is happening. But we should remember the Bible the entire life, and we must act in accordance with how the Bible is telling us how the life really is and should be. And we agree and disagree in life, and that are the ways that the life is functioning, and all things are about adaptations to what is happening, and fitness where we are operating together with other people, and every person has the same value, and jobs are jobs, and we should do enough and good enough for employees, leaders and customers. And we should work where we can work, and there are people around us being engaged in our lives, and with giving us jobs and opportunities at many places, and everything is about standpoints, opinions, statements, breathing and about giving good impressions and expressions about the content and the structure we are giving in our lives, and with our jobs and working tasks.

We should use our bodies in accordance with how the families around us and the friends are telling us. Hence, there are some rules to be follow. And love is always the strongest force within in, and penises and pussies are just how all bodies are functioning, and therefore we should be together with people wanting being together with us. And updated information is about being engaged in modern development and information being included in the world. In classical philosophy “information” was a technical notion associated with a theory of knowledge and ontology that originated in Plato's (427–347 BCE) theory of forms, developed in a number of his dialogues (Phaedo, Phaedrus, Symposium, Timaeus, Republic). So, if we are engaged with philosophy and the love of wisdom, we will quickly update us with the information that is coming.

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway

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