On being sleeping or awake in life; What is really the life options everywhere?


The best thing in life, if if all things are properly, and we can just be sleeping to get enough rest, or we can be awake in life by doing different things. And we can read whatever, and dwell and being in doubt what we want. But finally, it is good to agree and being together with your family and friends.

Why should I sleep as I am sleeping, and why do we want that comfort zone in life? We need to do things that our bodies deserve, and sometimes we want to sleep to get enough rest, and sometimes we do want to do things when being alive and awake in life! We can use whatever literature that we just imagine, and we should love life being together with friends and family. There is no such thing as society, because we are establishing and developing contacts with the people around us, and that is a big market, where we should seek satisfaction and being in good shape!

We should sleep good enough when being in all ages in life, and the key to good understanding and to do much clever works in life, is to have slept enough with good enough quality and with long enough quantity. And wisdom is about collecting all things that you can imagine and doing imaginations of in life. What does it mean when you are sleeping but awake? It's a sign of poor sleep stage transitioning, which can be associated with numerous conditions. Poor sleep hygiene and stress are the most common. However, it may be associated with conditions such as narcolepsy and require more aggressive evaluation and therapy.

We have many stages with sleeping and being awake, and sometimes things are bad for the body, and sometimes they are good. And we can make studies on everything, and also with sleeping manners, and when being awake. Can you be awake and sleep at the same time? The study, which is published in journal Sleep, found that even people who appear to be sleeping will insist that they've been awake the entire time when you rouse them, thanks to a weird divide in the brain.

So, we should not fear about anything being present in human nature, and we should fill our daily lives with pleasure, and with meeting needs. And sleeping is just as natural as to love with kissing, and this is something we must do to be engaged in the life just like it is. So, life is about loving and hating, and the more people you can agree with, and the more efforts you can make to get as much satisfaction as we want, the better the situations for people. And this is the behavior in all the countries you can imagine on the planet: The Blue Planet, the earth!

We should be awake when we have slept, either we have slept during the day or the night, and we should give our best efforts, and we should give our best behavior with doing good things to all the foreigners and the domestic people. You know, life is a big issue, and we can think about it all the life, and we have never learned enough of all things in life, but we can aspire to know as much as possible, or we can live our lives in silence and when being in hidden positions rather to be in the front! And life has always been the human nature in the nature, and it is such also today, and we can just feel empathy with any person being born at the earth. And any attempt in life can come from whatever, and we should think, believe and being in doubt about many things in life! And the more we know, the less we know for sure.

And we should just live the life to make and take good relations, and to be warm and inclusive for everyone!

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway

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