From idea generation to products that the business life can earn money on; The case of the products and the brands in the markets!


NHH in Bergen has had several professors that had made progresses in sciences, and where the eyes have been completely open. And this is the way we are going, and we had professors as Leif Holbæk-Hanssen and Johan Arndt, and other people not being professors were Bjarne Bakka and Ansgar Pedersen. And we should make the connections between thinking, feeling and acting, and we can have the connections as they are possible to be. And we should not be sure of ourselves, unless we have competence that supports our opinions.

The students and the employees should be international! And we are in a country to learn the country in question and the systems, but we should also learn the education systems and the knowledge management every place in the world. And today, we have professor Torger Reve at BI getting the Porter Prize from professor Michael E. Porter by Harvard Business School. And this is especially special, and the whole Oslo has not managed it. But professor Torger Reve working in many organizations, also in the board to NRK and being in the harbor in Oslo, has done it! And this is impressive, and we are many people being in respect and in admiration to him.

So, what is really business life? We are earning money on our ideas, and some companies are losing money and going bankrupt. And what has the Marketing Department at NHH contributed to? They have made a standard for being visible and strong in international markets, and marketing science has been more scientific. And there have also been studies on distributions channels as political economies. And these two last mentioned articles here a strong articles getting awards from the Journal of Marketing (JM). But research is so much, and we cannot ignore freedom in all manners in the brain and in the mind set, and we should be the BEST as every people is capable and able to, and business life is about using the products and the brands to get the companies to be strong and being able to survive in nature in the human natures in the long run.

What do we really perceive in the markets? We are seeing the brands and the products in the markets, and they are used for consumptions. But market orientation and doing the learning effects in properly manners, this is about taking the markets into the organizations, making information from the markets, and spreading the new and existing information into the markets. And we should not ignore people, but we cannot accept that people not being properly in the upper secondary schools should be better than us, although they have studied in England, which is not best ranked, and in New Orleans in the United States, and New Orleans is best ranked in music and maybe also strong in philosophy.

So, we should not be sick of the events that we have perceived in business schools, but we should be strong and win all the competitive efforts for the products in the national and in the international markets. And an idea is something we are thinking about when finding the need for the products and the brands. So, we should be stable in our minds, and we should not be crazy and destroying all the friends we have ever got. And mental issues and physical stability are something we need to be complete and stable as a human. Business life is something we have to earn as much as possible, and to be able to survive in life. And we should have established and new ideas in business life, and hence we are getting new firms from period to period. And companies having bad ideas are dying. And we can earn much money on ideas, and there can be much, middle or low education on the people doing the efforts in business life. And we perceive the knowledges and the background to different people in relation to what they are saying, writing and doing. And we are buying and selling in the markets when making transactions, and there are much transactions going on there, also in the markets and the hierarchies, and in the institutions of capitalism. But education is doing something with us, and we are thinking in different ways when having the books and the articles where we have been. But all the literature of any kinds is good to understand the life, the organizations, the markets and the societies.

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway

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