New student

We conduct a night of intimacy where new students enter the campus to find out how the learning process and activities in our study program are because each study program has a specialty in terms of learning and teaching, in which the new students will be guided by seniors a year above them.

They are then taught many things that are also not found in class, many things they learn such as packing material, and also first aid in accidents, then they will be educated on how to communicate etiquette with seniors and lecturers.

Now each group that is divided will be given a fifteen minute journey time between the group in front of them and the group behind them, in each of their trips there will be four posts that will be filled by several generations so that they can see how senior they are.

Likewise with everything about the material they will be given time to track for about 5 hours so that it is not too fast and not too long.

In order for them to be valid as new members of the association, we therefore held this pre-meeting activity so that each new student could get to know their classmates and their lecturers.

The aim of which is to familiarize one generation with another, with the intention that all of us in one study program can improve the quality and accreditation of our study program.

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