Hello Steem!!

I am new here, hope this is the right community to post to as I wasn't sure. If not I apologize!

Wanted to do a short introduction, I am a cryptocurrency enthusiast and have been for a while now. Been meaning to delve deeper into the lower coinmarketcap ranks but there's just so much out there it is really overwhelming! By chance I happened to read a tweet from Justin Sun about their recent acquisition and figured I'd check it out so here I am now and I have to say I am VERY SURPRISED by this platform. It seems way ahead of the others in terms of usage, activity and even the technical aspect of it seems very advanced even though I am not a developer. Color me impressed!

Other than cryptocurrencies I like to read books, browse Reddit and quite possible now also read and upvote on Steemit!

Really enjoying the first experience and looking forward to learn more about this blockchain and the community. :-)

Any suggestions what dapps I should look at first?

Hope to see you around!

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