YouTube Journey VIDEO #25: Book Reading #3 - DINOSAURS!

Book reading with Levi #3! Today we're reading a book on dinosaurs. Do you love dinosaurs and learning where they came from too?

YouTube Journey VIDEO #25

We're at our 24th video finally! I'm uploading about 1 video a week now and it's much lesser pressure than producing a video every day. I think you'll need a team of people to do that and hopefully one day we can reach there and achieve our goals as a YouTube channel.

Levi is enjoying himself doing it and sometimes he's asking me, "Daddy, we need to do recording. We need more subscribers right?". He's just such a lovely boy and enjoys doing videos as part of his "fun".

My nephews have also started their own channel and steadily growing their content. They've done more uploads than me already and Jayden who is 9 years old is doing all the videos by himself. From recording, to editing, to uploading. A great potential content creator in the making.

You can follow more from his channel at:

So head on over and give them a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button! :D

Until the next video, see you again!

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