YouTube Journey DAY 20 : Book Reading #2 SEA CREATURES

We read together a book about a few sea creatures. What are your favorite sea creatures?

YouTube Journey DAY 20

Our YouTube channel now has 20 videos as of today and it looks to be shaping up to be a decent channel with a good amount of content.

We now have a few playlists starting to build up so it's easier to watch our videos base on difference categories such as book reading, mystery unboxing, toy reviews, and etc.

There are also the links to the Hive blogs that's in the video description on YouTube. Hopefully this gains some attraction and traffic to the Hive blog and maybe get them started producing content on Hive as well.

We finally got +1 subscriber after 2 days of getting 0. Really appreciate each and every single person that supports and helps us get our content the reach we can't on our own.

Thank you everyone!

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