YouTube Journey DAY 19: COOKING with Levi #2 : Wontan Making

Levi's 2nd cooking video. His first video was baking a birthday brownie cake and today he shows us how to make wontans.

YouTube Journey DAY 19

Nothing much to update except there are some new BGM in our videos. I'm searching for more on the YouTube music archive and hope to add more flair to our videos.

On the downside of things, we haven't got any new subscribers for 2 days now. Seems like we've hit a brick wall in our reach but we'll keep on making videos as our goal is to get to 100 videos ASAP. We're on route to do so and do help us share our videos if you'd like to support us.

We appreciate all the support and any effort to help us reach more people. Thank you so much!

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