Thanksgiving was awesome, I'm very thankful!

Despite my son being at his Grandmother's, I had a very good Thanksgiving with my family. My big sister did an amazing job cooking everything.

She made Turkey, ham, a bunch of sides like mashed potatoes and stuffing and and corn and green beans. She made sweet potatoes even though she doesn't like it which was awesome and she made a pumpkin pie, since the store ran out, pretty awesome of her.

What I liked a lot about this Thanksgiving was the fact my siblings and I were together for the first time in awhile. There wasn't a whole bunch of other people so I could enjoy their company more. My nieces and nephews were of course there too and I loved it.



My sister had Christmas decorations up, there was Christmas movies in one room and football in another.

I mean this was a really great Thanksgiving. Of course my sister sent me home with a bunch of food, I'll be eating it all for days, my son too! Leftovers is one of the best parts about Thanksgiving.

My son will luckily be here in the AM, and I plan on eating a bunch with him for a mini post Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is really just the best I love the holiday and my family so much. I'm lucky and thankful.

Maybe one day soon I will have the means to help my entire family more. They deserve it all!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving like I did, Hive on folks.

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