An aspect of EDS and Dhedge and Brocoin I'm unaware of?

I try to sell dhedge on leodex but I don't appear to be getting a correct exchange rate. It seems I can possibly do it manually on Hive-engine but it seems odd.

I try to sell EDS token, but I also don't get a proper exchange rate.

This seems so weird and unfair.

Is there an aspect to these coins I'm not understanding? I'll see if I can ask someone about dhedge on discord. I'm not sure what to do about EDS.

I'll obviously hold them and hope for the best. Perhaps in some time the issue will fix itself. Maybe it's a temporary quirk.

I'll also try submit the sale at a manual rate, if that makes sense.

Brocoin also seems to be acting strange in the sale area. This is pretty alarming stuff to me.

Anyone have any answers at all?

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