2/17/21 what a weird day

What a weird day, really what a weird couple of days off. After working thirteen days straight my off days were interesting. Borderline strange honestly. A mixed bag I guess.

I did a lot of sleeping. I wish I wrote some more posts. I also wanted to read a book, but I never got around to it.

I had to console my son because he didn't sleep right yesterday and there was some drama over at his mom's apparently. Ugh. But I made him feel a little better and I read to him. But that was a bit stressful.

Pretty much right before then Sam Tripoli, one of my favorite podcasters EVER replied to a tweet I sent him late last night regarding the fact that he should use Hive and he said I should go into his Patreon I assume to be a guest on one of his podcasts or something like that. I was SUPER excited. I still am really. After I responded a few times, he pretty much went silent on me.

Not sure what to make of it, but I suppose he's super busy as it is and he's got kids so I doubt getting back some random dude like me on Twitter talking about yet another cryptocurrency is very high on his to-do list.

Maybe I got ghosted, maybe he's busy and will get back to me at a later date. Who knows? Either way it was definitely a fun moment. I'd love to meet him and chat about how awesome Hive is.

I posted it on my other blog too but anyway here is the reply to me tweet.


Otherwise life is pretty much the same. Work again tomorrow unfortunately. Money's gotta be made.

With such highs and lows of this day I'm kinda weirdly tired. I've been pushing myself and staying focused on my goals that a day like this leaves me kind of drained.

I am looking forward to this weekend though. I'll have my boy the whole weekend! That's going to be special. He's the most important aspect in my life. You only turn six once ya know!!! I plan on making it a happy special day.

Not sure what else to say. Just gonna keep grinding.

Hive on.

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