Long Form Social Media: The Next Big Thing Since Podcasts

The Next Big Thing Since Podcasts

Since the funding of lordbutterfly's marketing proposal, I've been curious to see all updates and what kind of success the project will achieve. As a stakeholder of Hive, I've long believed Hive needs more centralized leadership to drive advertisement of the true potential for this DPOS system.

There are typical forms of marketing, which I think lord's marketing project is focusing on but I see a lot of potential in the idea of long form social media becoming a more desirable form of consuming social content.

Long Form Social Media

Isn't it interesting that podcasts didn't become a thing up until the last 3-5 years... What drove that?

The technology behind making a podcast has been available since people could record conversations and the technology to disperse that to the masses has been available since the internet. So, why were podcasts not a thing when the internet came out?

I think podcasts became a thing because people got tired of seeing a repeat of the same stuff over and over. If you're interested in a subject you want to consume as much of that content as possible, you don't want to have to go through multiple sources with questionable integrity, you want it to be simple and more than you actually need.

I think the same trend will follow with other social media forms/platforms. I think more and more people are growing tired of the provoking tweets from influencers and looking for more substance.

From my perspective, Facebook is becoming more of a battlefield of ideology with thoughtless regurgitation of the mainstream agenda being pushed by our friends. That, plus all the targeted ads based on your search results...

The best way to counter this is to ignore it altogether, and instead I've found solace in Hive by expanding on my thoughts on a variety of subject matter. I can't imagine I'm not alone, and I was listening to Podcasts when Joe Rogan first came out! So, I feel it's only a matter of time before our non-technical / friends (who are afraid to write more than 150 characters) get left behind or come aboard.

Long form social media is to facebook that podcasts are to 60 minutes. Hive is the leader of a decentralized version of this and while the world doesn't know it yet, they're practically begging for it.

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What We Can Do to Support a New Trend Towards Adoption of Long Form Social Media...

How did podcasting become such a big thing? I think it was when key influencers like Joe Rogan broke away and did their own thing.

So what I hope happens, is professional writers get tired of having their content stolen or making a flat fee for their hard work. Hive offers them the opportunity to bring their following to something like hive and along with that, control their own net worth better.

So maybe instead of targeting popular Crypto Twitter accounts like WSB, we target the authors of where those community members consume their content. What Hive needs is more professional authors since in the present moment, that's what Hive supports best and offers full rewards directly to.


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