Hive Has a Long Shiny Path Ahead

Life is a long journey, it's a marathon, not a sprint. The single most important thing you can do is set long term goals. Oftentimes, when you are at your lowest point, you'll find what you really want to achieve. It's during these times you seem to realize what you don't want and if you're strong enough during a low point, you can make a plan and achieve your goals one day.

It's important to have faith, but most importantly faith in yourself. You cannot rely on anyone but yourself in the end, the connections you make will help you but hardly will they be the answer. Some people don't see this at all, they expect equality of outcome, e.g. the government should help them. You have to set yourself completely apart from this mindset if you truly wish to achieve your goals, people with that type of mindset are just fewer people that may stand in your way but could fill your mind with doubt.

The Long Road for Hive Supporters

I find people who invest into Blockchain technologies have this way of thinking, because you have to see the long term potential to choose crypto over other stocks. Hive especially falls into this scope and it's not even scratched the surface. I think Hive has the potential to make early investors so well off financially it's unfathomable.

The single best thing Hive has going for it is the unstoppable community that surrounds the platform. The community are not only stakeholders but builders of it's ecosystem, which is unlike most companies and even cryptocurrencies who's stakeholders just hold and pray something happens.

Hive's builders/stakeholders can get in front of any new idea, take for instance Defi... we're working on that already. The hype around Wall Street Bets, we're looking to bring them to Hive and have already built an entire community / user interface for them to call home. If a person who can't program has an idea, they can make a post about the idea and if it gets traction, you can expect someone to build it on Hive... where else does this exist?

Hive is a perfect example of how my mind thinks in the long term. I honestly do not care if Hive goes to zero, because I know where the community here goes, I will follow so it's near impossible for me to be at net zero in the end and any loss that I may incur I will have compensated in knowledge.


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