Niche Communities? Here’s the Deal...


I remember when I first arrived in the other chain I would look for posts that were simply put. I needed to know the how’s, where’s and why’s so I searched for articles where I didn’t have to ask google what they were talking about.

Hey, I have much love and respect for techies - my husband is one - but sometimes I just need to hear A, B and C instead of z2=XYZ/#! 😂

I have no clue what I just typed there but it sure looks techy! 🤓

I am here to bring you one of those simply put posts to help you understand the deal on Niche Communities and why we are encouraging you to post in them.


Wнy Poѕт ιɴ Nιcнe Coммυɴιтιeѕ?

About a month ago @acidyo gave us a rundown on the OCD Communities Incubation Program and their current plans on restructuring the OCD Community.

Their focus is now geared toward supporting and helping to develop small niche communities:

Formerly known as Operation Curation Delegation, we've shifted our curation focus to support a diverse selection of niche communities. We will be guiding newcomers and users to the correct communities so they're used the way they were meant to. Having a rich variety of communities, all with dedicated moderators and curators will make for a much better experience for new users and creators to find the right place and for quality to thrive.


These niche communities that are in the OCD Incubation Program are being supported with upvotes, delegations and more exposure. In turn this means better support for their members.

So not only are the community accounts being supported but YOU the member is also being supported. Community leaders are submitting your quality content directly to the OCD team curators to get you some extra support from @ocdb and @blocktrades!

S͟c͟e͟n͟a͟r͟i͟o͟: Elliot loves being outside. He takes photos of all the beautiful nature around him from the sky down to the insects. He even records short videos of the things he finds on his nature walks.

Elliot decides to submit a post in the OCD Community about his nature finds and photos. He gets a few upvotes but wonders why he doesn’t get many comments or much interaction.

Well he is posting his nature topic in a community that shares general content (this could range from a number of things) instead of posting in a niche community that will relate to his post, share the same interests and that ‘gets him’.

If you want interaction then share amongst like-minded people that would enjoy reading your content.

S͟u͟m͟m͟a͟r͟y͟: Elliot decides to publish his nature posts in the Amazing Nature Community and sometimes in the Fascinating Insects Community. When he is able to capture nice and clear photos of his nature walk he shares those photos with the Photography Lovers Community.

He is excited to have several options of sharing his work with an audience that will enjoy and appreciate it.

Elliot is a made up character but the communities mentioned are real and active and are a part of the OCD Community Incubation Program.



Wнy тнe Coммeɴтѕ ғroм тнe OCD Iɴcυвαтιoɴ Teαм?

The OCD Incubation Team was formed in order to help guide users to post in the appropriate communities. So if we find niche topic posts in the OCD Community, we will leave a comment on that post with a suggestion of the community their content relates to.

We also search for quality posts from newcomers to nominate them for our curation compilation.

So if you receive a comment from one of us Mods we are simply trying to help you by leading you to a niche community that would better suite your content. It will most likely be accepted better because you will be posting amongst others that are also interested in that same topic...

Remember posting with like-minded/passion interested people creates better interaction and response results ;)

Please understand that the comments we leave are urging you to follow our rules. Constant ignoring of these messages shows us that you will not adhere to them and actions must be taken.

If you choose to continue to post niche topics in the OCD Community you risk being muted.

Community leaders and organizers work hard behind the scenes to make sure their communities are running smoothly so that everyone can have an efficient experience. Our hope is that you’d respect those rules by acknowledging and following them:

OCD Cσммυηιту Rυℓєѕ:

1. Only post original content created by you.
2. Post in English or English + your native language in the same post.
3. We'll generally refrain from voting on Political, Religious, Drama and Cryptocurrency/Technical Analysis content and any posts that would fit better in the communities we're supporting. Check pinned post for more info on which those are.
4. Try and submit your content to the more appropriate communities before OCD, unless you feel it doesn't belong in any and is original content that works with our rules.
5. Cross-posting from the other communities to get visibility from OCD's subscribers is okay as long as the original is posted there.
6. Constant ignoring of our warnings to post your content in the other communities will get you muted.

You are still welcome to cross-post your niche topics to the OCD Community as long as you first post them into the appropriate community. Cross-posts are also eligible for curation nominations ;)

Check here for the current list of communities we support!


Wнαт Cαɴ I Poѕт ιɴ OCD?

Now that’s a good question! The OCD Community will accept general blog posts that do not fit in any of the communities we are supporting.

It’d be great and beneficial to take some time to look over the list from the link above to familiarize yourself with all of the supported communities.

Please be sure to only post original content created by you!



Tнιɴɢѕ тo Coɴѕιder

I’ve been around for quite sometime now - let’s just throw it out there - since 2016. I know what it takes to make a quality post and what curators are looking for - especially because I am one ;)

Please consider these pointers when formulating a post:

• Submitting a post with one photo and barely a few words is looked down upon. You can have the most awesomest photo but if you are not going to take the time to elaborate on it ie. location, background about the photo, story behind the photo etc. then it could easily be looked over.

• If you can shoot for at least a 2 minute read you’d be better off. Most posts that are only a minute and under usually don’t make the curator’s cut. We are looking for quality content that has put effort into their work.

• If you are posting in your native language it is very important to make sure you include an English translation. Most people won’t have the time or patience to bother with trying to translate your words. It is up to you to make sure all of your audience are able to comfortably read your content.

• Another important one is to Cite Your Sources! I have read many of great posts but had to skip over them because the sources were not sited. We don’t accept copy and paste work or plagiarism so if you forget this important step then you could be missing out on curation rewards.

Please note the source under each photo, video or document so it is visibly known upfront.

• Taking the time to proofread your work goes a long way. You will have a better retention rate if the readers are able to get through smoothly without too many typos and confusion ;)


I hope this post was simply put enough and you were able to pull some helpful information away from it.

In summary:

Coordιɴαтιoɴ + Cooperαтιoɴ = Tнe Hαppy Dαɴce ғor Everyoɴe 💃🏽🕺🏽

So if you receive(d) a comment from your Friendly OCD Incubation Team: @ybanezkim26, @xves, @roadstories, @perceval, @ilazramusic, @gentleshaid, @castleberry and @crosheille under the leadership and direction of @acidyo, @derangedvisions, @macchiata, and @livinguktaiwan...

please know that we are only trying to help make a better experience for everyone. Posting niche topics in the appropriate communities will connect you to folks of like interests and possibly get you more interaction.

My hopes are that you never get one of those comments from us because you fully catch the drift :)

All photos are my own and were taken with our Cannon EOS Rebel T6.

𝒴𝑜𝓊𝓇𝓈 𝓉𝓇𝓊𝓁𝓎,


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