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On Monday I set out on a quest to find a graphic designer to recreate my logo. I love the original one but felt it needed more of a personalized touch and unique update.

To my amazement I had responses to my need immediately on that very same day. I didn’t really set any expectations. I only hoped the designer that was meant to help me would find my post or be sent my way (I believe in destiny and miracles 😊).

I was really overwhelmed at how quickly several pulled through to share their ideas and designs with me. Without any hesitation I received emails and messages letting me know they wanted to give it a go in order to provide what I was looking for. Some even offered me their recreations as gifts and told me to enjoy and use them as I see fit.

Yes, overwhelmed I was with gratitude and gratefulness for such kind, giving and generous human beings. I was told that out of their appreciation and gratitude for me it was what they wanted to do 🤭😢😭🥰.

Who would have known that this long-lasting Hive journey I’ve been on would allow me to be in such a position where people care that much to even do something like that for me?

All glory to my Heavenly Father. It’s who I am in Him that shines through. It’s because of His love that I am able to have such a love for others and take pleasure in helping and supporting when and where I can 🙌🏽.

Even though I don’t live life expecting things in return it is an amazing feeling when these types of kind gestures are circled back my way.

I’d like to take a moment to thank @neumannsalva, @jacobtothe, @barge and @yuyu-arts for the designs they presented to me. It was wholeheartedly appreciated! 💝


Later on that evening I received a discord message from dear sweet @ayleenr. She informed me that she sent a designer friend my way to help. Moments later I get the notification that @charsdesign had commented on my post.

For those of you who may not know, he is the one who designed OCD’s and POSH’s new logos just a few months ago. Those logos are amazing so I was really excited to see what he would offer.

His response was

Hi, @crosheille! My friend @ayleenr told me about your request, and I would like to help you. I can recreate the logo completely and also make some refresh. The final files that I will deliver to you include the following formats: PDF, PNG, and JPG files.

Then he added

I forgot to mention that I have been working on this already 🤣

He responded exactly how I was hoping someone would. The fact that he could recreate the exact design and add some refresh touches was on point! I did chuckle about him starting the work even before I had responded to him.

I actually thought that was fantastic and sounded like he really wanted to help with giving me the logo I was looking for.

From there it was off to discord to collaborate some ideas and see where this would go. Immediately he sent me the designs he already had before I said anything 😳.

I’m like, “this guy is for real!” 🤣

These are the four designs he showed me…





Let me just write my first reaction…


He explains the design:

The recreation as you requested, but with a distinctive touch in the typography. I wanted to combine all the elements so I designed a font that looks like it is the thread coming out of the ball.

I KID YOU NOT, I literally that day said to myself it would be so cool if someone could get it to look as if the letters were coming directly from the yarn ball. I had this idea that the letters could look more yarn like so it would all blend in and make sense.

I didn’t mention it to anyone and as you can see I didn’t need to. It was already in the making and being created by Charsdesign. I was so impressed that he created this font to look like yarn and delivered exactly what I was hoping for.

I loved the different color variations he provided so that I would be able to play around with them and use them for different scenarios and with different backgrounds if needed. My favorite design is the one used for the cover photo. I love how the pink color transitions to brown and how the outlines flip…it’s genius!

What’s so funny is before he could explain his design and why he chose certain things I had already responded and mentioned everything because it was clearly noticeable and his efforts greatly appreciated.

These logos are truly unique and personalized and fit me and my style to a T!

I was also pleased to learn that the designs were created in vectors which means they can resize to whatever size I want and will always have a great resolution. This is definitely the best way to go for multiple use of logos and graphics.


If you remember from the original logo it had two crochet hooks representing the l’s. When I saw there was only one hook I did wonder why. For someone who crochets you’d think I would have thought of this but nah, I didn’t.

He mentions that he only included one crochet hook because normally for that type of craft only one hook is used.

He’s absolutely right 🤯🤯🤯! It’s knitting that requires two needles. I was only thinking about having both l’s as hooks instead of focusing on how crocheting works. 😂

Although I agreed that it made more sense I was still curious to see what it would look like with two hooks (I think because I got so acquainted with the original logo). I asked if he could add in another hook on my favorite variation and this is what it looked like…


I liked the extra twirlies on the letter C and how it looked as if the hook was wrapped in the yarn ready to work. I did notice the length extension and thought that could cause spacing difficulties in the long run.

I decided to keep it with one hook as it just looked more uniform and of course made the most sense.

I received my logo and it’s multiple variations in three different formats: PDF, PNG and JPG.

I was very impressed with his professionalism, promptness in responses, timeliness, creativity and quality of work. He listened to understand my requests and made sure my needs were met.

I love my new designs!

If you are looking for someone to create, recreate, update or refresh a design I recommend you reach out to him. 😉

Thank you so much for your service Charsdesign! It was a pleasure collaborating with you to reach this end result. The designs are so sleek, bright and professional. Most of all it’s the personalized signature I quested to find. Yay!! 😆

@Charsdesign has been made a 50% beneficiary of this post.

Thank You!

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