7 free mobile apps to help you focus while you work/study


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If you ask me, the biggest disadvantage of the century we live in is that there are too many distractions around us. Even a notification to our mobile phone can cause our attention, which we have been trying to spend for hours, to escape. Today, I'm going to recommend you 7 mobile apps that will keep you from getting distracted while you focus on your business.



Forest was an application that I used during my preparation for my university exam. It is very simple to use, it locks your phone for a certain period of time and if you try to use your phone, the tree you are trying to plant dries up. If you do not use your phone during the time you choose to focus, your tree is planted in your virtual forest and you earn gold in return. If you save 2500 gold, the Forest application plants a real tree on your behalf and you contribute to the world's forests.



Flip was also one of the Focus increasing applications that I used in preparation for my university exam. The feature I liked most about Flip was the global and local ranking, so you were competing with other users thanks to the amount of hours you focused on, and each day was a champion. If you like competition, you should definitely take a look at Flip.


3.Study Bunny

Another focus app that deserves to be on my list at Study bunny. In practice, you earn credits as much as you focus, and with these credits you can feed your rabbit and buy him new clothes and household items. If you want to have a sweet colleague while you try to focus, you should definitely check out Study Bunny.


4.Focus To-Do: Pomodoro

As you can tell from its name, we will talk about an application that tries to contribute to your focus with the pomodoro method. I had the opportunity to use this application, albeit for a short time, while preparing for my university exam. My favorite feature is that groups of 50 people can be formed and it allows to compete within these groups

Focusmeter is another app built to help you focus. Thanks to its simple interface, you can easily start the timer and start focusing. I used Focusmeter for 1-2 weeks and left it because it didn't have all the features I was looking for but if you are looking for a simple application you should definitely give it a shot.


6.Focus Plant

As can be understood from its name and photo, we will talk about an application similar to the Forest application. Again, it is a focus application shaped on the theme of planting trees, but unfortunately there is no real planting feature in this. Let's not go into detail that it has a very sweet interface in terms of appearance :).


7.Focus Quest

Have you ever tried to focus while playing an RPG game? Focus Quest is exactly what it tries to increase your focus while playing games. We are talking about a focus enhancement application that is completely based on an RPG theme. As your focus time increases, you improve your hero's features. I think that those who want to increase their focus while playing games should definitely take a look.

Of course, it would not be right to look for hope only from mobile applications in terms of focus. At the end of the day, everything will end in your own mind. If you want to be successful in your work or in your studies, it will be much more accurate to use these applications after you have the idea of working in your brain. Good luck.

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