My morning is bright The sun keeps on shining


The morning sun began to shine on the earth, some people started to pack up to make a living, have an office, and even sell newspapers. It's different with us, whose daily activities are just taking time for coffee.

My morning is bright the sun continues to shine, I made this the theme for the beginning of the day. For me enjoying the morning with all its beauty is very pleasant, especially when accompanied by a glass of warm chocolate. What a pleasure, which one else do you deny, that's what my teacher said briefly about life.


All residents on earth must really take advantage of their morning time to work, for the unemployed, work is a rare thing for them because they still have their own world. Lying down or being in a comfort zone is very difficult to change life for the better.


Breakfast is a source of life for many people, some of them never even have breakfast because of their living conditions and economic situation. Fighting for a better life is the desire of all humans in this world, if the economy is safe then life will feel comfortable.



With all humility the author would like to convey that he is looking for the freedom to express himself this morning. Along with the times and increasingly modern technology, it is very easy for us to develop for the better. Change your comfort zone to make money coffers so that your future is bright because not only are mornings required to always be bright, but we also really deserve to make a better future, of course.

Hopefully the beginning of 2022 will be the start of our better lives. Don't forget to always take care of the health of your environment and your family, always success and hopefully the day we go through is made easy by the creator.

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