Opportunities Abound But Would Require Us To Constantly Explore To Discover


There are 7.95 billion people in the world, according to worldometer. Governments all over the world place a high priority on building medical, educational, and other infrastructure as a result of the strain that the increasing population is putting on the already existing infrastructure.

Each of us wants to be successful, and many of us are thinking about starting a venture and building it into a conglomerate, which could propel us to be among the wealthiest people featured on Forbes. Unfortunately, not many people have learned how they might be able to change their lives, as some influencial or successful people have. Many nations may also face the same situation.

Ghana was once a very rich country with the ability to lend to other countries after gaining independence. A number of factories were producing products such as glass, shoes, meats, tyres and many others.Because of the small population size of 6 million, jobs abounded at the time.

I was told that during those times, employers would arrive at schools with vans to pick up those who needed work immediately after school. So much went wrong with how the economy was mismanaged, coupled with a series of coups and corruption, that the story is now different. The situation appears to be the same in many African countries.

In many African countries, including Ghana, unemployment has been a serious issue. After graduation, a lot of young people had to wait for the few job opportunities available in government sectors. The small number of startups run by private individuals cannot possibly absorb the increasing youth population.


Even though the situation appears to be very dire with the economic crisis, something can still be done. People need to start thinking outside the box and look beyond their countries' current circumstances. This would entail looking around and exploring potential opportunities elsewhere. Opportunities may abound but to discover them it would require us to explore.


Today with us is a powerful technology like the internet that many of us can leverage for greater good. We have cryptocurrency, NFT's with some blockchains that require people to engage and in doing so get rewarded. Decentralised blockchains like Hive, the web 3 ecosystem has now revolutionized social media; it has changed how things can be done with users who may decide what they would want to do with their data or contents, this is like an internet owned by users.

It sounds so great, and the more you consider the potentials of these technologies, the more you realize how much more you can get out of them if you give them the time and effort they need. It is crucial for us to understand that opportunities do not find people; rather, they are found by people who constantly explore.

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