Hive Empowers Communities Projects: Introducing The 4th Hive Borehole Project In Ghana


The Hive empowers communities project has been an amazing initiative that has given communities that have previously faced water crises hope. Water is a crucial resource that is required to sustain our life, and while our world has plenty of it, not everyone has access to it. With water covering around 71% of the earth's surface, one would think that access to water should be easy, but many communities still lack it.


The Hive Water Project's goal is to help communities by drilling boreholes to supply drinkable water. With these initiatives, we also introduce people to the Hive blockchain's potential and real-world applications. The project has resulted in three boreholes that are now operational and benefitting the communities to which we have reached out using the power of Hive.

Breman town

It brings me great joy to announce that another one would be built in Breman,a town in Kumasi, Ghana. Adding to the three Hive water projects already serving three towns, this one will be the fourth. The Barekese Dam provides water to Breman town and its nearby towns, but not enough to feed all the settlements. The water supply from the Dam frequently often stops at unpredictable intervals, forcing the residents to look for alternate water sources.



Today was the third time we had been to the town, and the purpose of this trip was to wrap up our conversations about the project, choose a location for the building, and choose the ideal location for the drilling. The driller with whom we traveled has since worked on all of Ghana's Hive water projects.
A school in the area(Pentecost Senior High School) which also happens to be located at center of the town was chosen by the locals.


The town leaders claim that the water crisis faced in the area has had a negative impact on students' lives and activities both on campus and has as well affected the community. Several attempts to get assistance from the government have all failed. To benefit the students and the neighborhood, it was decided that the borehole be built in the school.We were directed to the school's headmaster, who escorted us to the location that has now been allotted for the project's construction.



After consulting with an expert about the geophysical properties of the underlying area, the driller conducted his survey to discover to determine the best spot for water. With the survey completed, we expect to commence actual construction, which will begin with drilling as phase one of the project. We will continue to keep the Hive community up to date on the project's progress. It's been a fantastic experience with Hive, and we'd like to thank the Hive community for all the support received.

Project : Construction of borehole system

Location : Breman, Kumasi-Ghana

Sponsor : @valueplan

Project manager : @mcsamm & @collinz

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