Summers at the Lake

Hi fellow Hiveians,

So things happen for a reason, especially in our lives personally. There have been so many scenarios that have happened to us that we think back and know it was for a specific reason that it happened.

Real Family

So without going into too much detail, we’ve got lots of frustrating family drama. Everyone does for sure but when we tell our friends about some of the stuff that’s happened they are like what the hell? Have you been told you’re no longer invited to a funeral? We have! Lol.

So my wife reconnected with her grandmother this year and it’s been great, without going into much detail there either but it’s been a very positive experience for us thankfully. With that, she also reconnected with her uncle which brings me to the point of the post! Her uncle has this fantastic lake house! It’s not a mansion or anything but nobody else in our family has property that close to a body of water. We are incredibly lucky and grateful to have someone to spend time with where we can hang out by a lake! The reconnecting thing happened before the China flu stuff started so it’s authentic and very nice!




The view is perfect, he’s on the side part of a big bend in the lake. It’s also several miles long so we can have a lot of fun exploring areas of it with a canoe or something.

Fishing Again

One of the other really awesome things is that I love to fish. My dad and I would fish a lot when I was growing up but now all he does is salt water fishing. That’s too boring for me. He has fun at it and does well but there’s days where he’s out there all day with nothing. The same can happen with fresh water fishing for sure but I like seeing the trees, land and the animals you do on a pond or lake.

So our son has been fake fishing with wood things and others for about a year now. We got him his first fishing rod and he was loving it! We were a little nervous with him and a pole with hooks on it so we tried the fake fish and he was killing it. He even did his own cast! I was fucking proud of that! I taught him 10 minutes before it and he nailed it. Gotta show @ssiena how to take better faceless pictures of the little one lol.


We plan on being at the lake house every weekend we can. Our son can enjoy the beauty of a life being able to hang out at a lake like I did with a friend growing up and I get to help her uncle. I was having a lot of fun doing yard work today, and the munchkin helped me. Our task was to clean out the weeds from the winter and early spring but also clean up some of the asshole things that people threw on his property like broken bottles, (I picked all of the trash up don’t worry, didn’t risk the little man but he was doing awesome work with a stick pointing them out!) a beer can and a water bottle. Was nice to do work but man I’m exhausted! Not much commenting and outreach for me tonight lol.

Have you got awesome memories like this from childhood? Share them with me in the comments! I would love to hear about them.

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